Love Blogging? Then Join EY!

Are you an aspiring writer, blogger, lover of the arts, travel, etc? Do you like our site and what it stands for? Then why not join our team; enhance your skills and have fun while doing it. EMBRACE YOU is a multicultural site and we’re always looking to add creative and enthusiastic individuals from around the globe in hopes of helping us to expand our market and becoming further established. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what language you speak, all you need is an open mind to see things from the perspective of others apart from yourself.Β 

EY’s looking for highly motivated individuals to fill the following positions:

  • Interviewers
  • Entertainment Writers
  • Fashion Writers
  • Reviewers
  • Event Reporters
  • Relationship Writers
  • Travel Writers
  • Editors

Please understand that these are VOLUNTEER positions but keep in mind that you’ll be fairly compensated as soon as we are enable to do so. If you’re interested in any of the available positions then please send an e-mail to Kai: with the position you’re applying for in the ‘Subject Line’ as well as a brief description about yourself and a attached work sample. For more information about writing for EY click here.Β 

Hope to hear from you soon. And as always, thank you for EMBRACING us!!



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