Book Review – ‘Tempest’ by Julie Cross

Well, here’s something that I haven’t done a lot of and promise to start doing more frequently, and that is book reviews. I’ve read a wide range of books over the years and it’s kinda sad that I’m only now deciding to do reviews on EY but hey, better late than never. So, the first book I wanted to start off with is ‘Tempest‘ by Julie Cross. And what interests me about this novel is how intriguing the cover is and also its similarity with the movie/book ‘Jumper’ by Steven Gould, but at the same time there are some obvious differences and a stronger plot in ‘Tempest’ that’s more appealing to me.

Tempest’ is the first in a trilogy and I guess we’re gonna have to wait a while for book two to see what happens next and what kind of progress is made in the character’s life. First, I’ll just start off with what exactly the book is about and then get into my conclusion of it:

So, without giving too much away, the story revolves around a 19 year old guy named Jackson, who’s also the narrator and from Cross’ description a very hot one. Jackson has the ability to time travel, which can sometimes lead to very exciting adventures or very dangerous situations. The only thing is nothing changes in the present. Jackson makes the ultimate trip back in time in hopes of saving his girlfriend from her tragic future. However, not only does he get stuck in the past, but he’s also sought after by the same people behind his reason for going back. From there the book basically takes you through a series of action sequences with a lovely depiction of the emotional side of the main character when it comes to his relationship with his girlfriend who he obviously loves to death and also with his sister, who happens to be his twin. There’s also a little humor here and there when a 19 year guy is trying to re-capture his 17 year old self when he goes back two years from the present. He also uncovers secrets about his father and his involvement with an agency called ‘Tempest’, hence the title of the book. There’s just a lot going on and you’ll definitely feel hesitant to put this book down once you’ve started reading.

I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about this book and a few of my friends recommended it before I finally made the decision to check it out and in the end I liked it. I thought it was a pretty much well-written, easy to read, nothing too complicated, and the writer didn’t spend an eternity giving any over-the-top description of the significant characters or what the story was all about. She got right to the point and I love that about novels. Everything was just unraveling as the pages went by and that’s just an excellent technique in literature because this author had the ability to keep her readers entertained. ‘Tempest’ is for Young Adults, teens, etc. but everyone knows that a good book is enjoyed by the general public depending on its tone. And I do recommend that you read this book if you haven’t yet because then you’ll only be missing out on a wonderful, adventurous story the way I was until getting my hands on a copy. Check out the interesting trailer:


Tempest’ released on 01.17.2012

Rating: 5/5

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One thought on “Book Review – ‘Tempest’ by Julie Cross

  1. This seems interesting..i like that he’s willing to go back to save his girlfriend thats love right there

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