[Review] Kari Jobe’s “Where I Find You”

Looking for music that doesn’t only entertain but inspires? Then Kari Jobe‘s “Where I Find You” is the album that should be guaranteed a slot on your playlist. The songs are uplifting; the lyrics flow magnificently well against the instruments, and vocally, Kari is sounding stronger than ever. This contemporary gospel artist has stepped away from the style of her debut effort, but still manages to captivate her audience with beautiful harmonies and heaven-like melodies. 

Where I Find You” invites listeners to take a deeper look within and find your faith. Each track takes on a life of itself, depicting the importance of belief and putting self aside. The singer does her best without sounding as if she’s trying to0 hard to convey her message: finding love when you feel as if you’re empty. However, it’s songs like “We Are,” the album’s lead single, “One Desire,” “What Love Is This,” “Run To You,” and “Here” that signifies the truth of the matter that indeed there is something much greater than ourselves, while “Find You On My Knees” gives us a bare Kari singing her heart out, if you must, while demonstration her amazing vocal capacity. I find myself speechless in trying to interpret how soothing the music is. Its almost like you’re lying in a grass field and surrounded by nothing but pure love, I think that’s exactly what it is, pure love.

I feel that with the way pop culture is these days, its a beautiful thing to stop and reflect on our selves and the kind of lives we lead. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spiritual music and occasionally moving away from songs emphasizing on living immorally without a care in the world. And I believe this album is a pleasant treat and total wake up call for many, including myself. This is a delightful expression of a love that certainly will never die nor will ever let you down.

In my opinion, this is a wonderful sophomore release that’s well worth the wait. The songs are intense and remarkably honest. Kari declares she has nothing to hide when it comes to her faith, and who can deny that after listening to every single track. Her realness is commendable and certainly memorable for years to come. After taking the time out from your day to tune into this kind of music you’re bound to be renewed and have found some kind of peace. “Where I Find You” gets a rating of 5/5


Track listing:

01. Steady My Feet
02. We Are
03. One Desire
04. Find You On My Knees
05. Savior’s Here
06. Stars In The Sky
07. What Love Is This
08. Run To You (I Need You)
09. Rise
10. Love Came Down
11. We Exalt Your Name (ft. Matt Maher)
12. Here


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