The “Safe House” Isn’t Quite Safe

Its more of a thrill ride. Directed by Daniel Espinosa and stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, ‘Safe House‘ delivers an emotional rush and plenty of action to keep our adrenaline going. From start to finish you’re pulled into a series of conspiracy, crazy bullets flying around, people taking each other down in traditional one on one combat style, there’s explosions, car chases, and eye candy. I really enjoyed ‘Safe House’ and I like how Denzel Washington has the ability to take on any kind of role, whether its the good guy or the bad guy, and in this film he’s sorta the bad guy but at the same time you start of question his motives and whether or not he’s really ‘bad’. Ryan did a good job in my opinion. A lot of people are saying he’s wasn’t so convincing and looks rather flustered compared to acting great Denzel, but I think he was worth watching and he’s plenty to look at.Β 

Anyways, it’s a crying shame that ‘The Vow‘ beat out this movie at the box office, but I can see why since it’s romance/drama/poor woman can’t remember anything or anyone she used Β to love movie, and Valentine’s Day is upon us. Still, I’d recommend that a couple go watch ‘Safe House’ anyday over ‘The Vow’ because there’s much more action like I’ve stated before, and there’s no cheesy, lovey dovey stuff that gets irritating after a few seconds.Β 

With all that said, please go watch ‘Safe House‘ if you haven’t and prepare to get blown away, literally. No, just kidding. Check out the trailer below:


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