Esther Woo Vintage

I know I speak for many when I say vintage is still very much adored. Most recently, I’ve somewhat awoken the ‘old school’ fashion sense within and have been browsing around the web for online (as well as off) clothing stores dedicated to selling really appealing vintage items, and it just so happens that I stumbled upon Esther Woo Vintage.

Esther Woo Vintage is a vintage clothing company dedicated to modern fashion and classic style.

We strive to provide our customers with fashionable items at a reasonable price. All of our products are hand picked in order to make sure we are providing our customers with stylish, sophisticated and eclectic items.

Check out some of my favs below:

Image of Black Snow Beaded Blouse   Image of Vintage Multi Color Suede Pumps

Image of Beaded Shell Necklace

Image of Plaid Belt

Image of Turquoise Asymetric SweaterImage of Turquoise Asymetric Sweater

Image of 80s Green Beaded Lace Dress

Image of Blossom Blazer

2 thoughts on “Esther Woo Vintage

  1. Brilliant article, this is a great fashion find! I’ve never come across Esther Woo vintage before, but I’m definitely going to be visiting their website now!! Adore those shoes, they are so elegant & classy, and really unique – haven’t seen anything like them in the high-street or designers stores! Love little style finds like that! 🙂

    Also love the forest-green beaded dress, & the hot-pink blazer with black trim on the lapels!! I’ve only just come back from Saturday shopping & already I want to start spending again! 😉 xoxo

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