Celine Gets Blunt On Cause Of Whitney’s Death


Like millions around the world, Celine Dion is also shocked about the sudden passing of Whitney Houston. However, her recent call in to Good Morning America to share her thoughts on the star’s untimely death had some wondering if maybe lady Dion should’ve considered her words carefully. After declaring that Whitney was in fact an inspiration to her, and probably should have stopped there, Celine went on to talk about the speculations behind Houston’s death:Β 

Whitney has been an amazing inspiration for me … It’s just really unfortunate that drugs, bad people or bad influence took over. It took over her dreams. It took over her love and motherhood. When you think about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse, to get into drugs like that, for whatever reason. Is it because of the stress and bad influence? What happens when you have everything?

Now, I love Celine but I disagree with her being so open at that point and on air. And I’m sure she’s only saying what everybody else is thinking, but whatever happened to keeping it to yourself and have a bit of consideration. It’s already being speculated so no need to voice it out in the open. The media does enough of that. Still, like I’ve said before, I love Celine Dion and I’m sure it wasn’t coming from a bad place and maybe she just wanted to give people going through similar issues a wake up call.

Whitney Houston’s memorial service was quite sorrowful as well as inspirational to many. May we all continue to find peace in her music and pray for the family and friends she left behind.

R.I.P Whitney!

What do you think about Celine’s comments, wrong time?

Source:Β celine_dion_is_surprisingly_frank

4 thoughts on “Celine Gets Blunt On Cause Of Whitney’s Death

  1. My sentiments exactly, and as much as i love Celine, they say people always throw stones when they themselves have skeletons in the closet..i’m not saying Dion does, but its just how it is sometimes…

  2. I agree with what Celine said however I do think that this is inconsiderate. As stated its already being speculated, and her death is still a shock too many who knew and loved her and regardless of whatever she was or wasn’t as a person, mother, or entertainer I believe that such words regardless of whether they may have some truth to them should be left in more private realms. If that were my significant other, mother, sister, or what have you I know that would be the last thing I needed or wanted to hear especially when she had so many critics already. Another thing that I was taught as a child was do not speak ill of the dead although easier said than done and it does happen often its still in my eyes disrespectful especially in a time of grieving.

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