Miss A’s Touch: Hot or Flop?

I’ve been sort of a fan of Miss A since their debut and that’s mainly for their choreography. One in particular, “Breathe.” The kpop group recently unveiled their latest music video for the song “Touch,” which started out with some kind of Indonesian art form (or is it Egyptian? possibly cos their dancing look so mummified) and I liked that part until the song came in. I think I’d have to watch and listen to it a couple more times before I start liking it. But anyways, watch the video, listen the song, and tell us what you think of Miss A’s latest.

Credit: missA

3 thoughts on “Miss A’s Touch: Hot or Flop?

  1. I didn’t like it at first but after listening to it a second time and watching the video…..I have to say, its growing on me!

  2. Honestly I have to agree with Sergel at first I wasn’t really used to it and I didn’t know what to think because it was so different (to me at least) from what I was used to hearing from Miss A. That’s not a bad thing it just took a few listens to get the feel of the song. Overall I like it the dancing is smooth some of the moves are a little odd seeming but again I think this goes along with the more mellowish type sound they have going, its enjoyable and I think others should at least give it a chance.

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