Lindsay Lands Liz Taylor Role: Is This Her Turning Point?

Its been a while since Lindsay Lohan starred in any thing note worthy film where she could tap into the wonderful actress she’s capable of being, so it’s certainly pleasing to hear she’ll be playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime Television Movie “Liz and Dick.” Apparently, the film has been in production since May 2011 and the once troubled star (but now showing signs of upliftment) will channel the internationally known Taylor in this biopic.

Lohan, who was last seen in the film “Machete” in 2010, will also be hosting Saturday Night Live on March 3, but before that is due back in court on February 22. With all the hoopla aside, I’ve always been cheering for Lindsay and hoping she’ll bounce back because I think she’s a good actress. My reasons rest on her performance in “The Parent Trap.” Hopefully, she’ll keep living positively and give her best in the upcoming role, and can’t wait to see her back on the big screen soon, and very soon!

What do you think about Lindsay playing Liz Taylor?


4 thoughts on “Lindsay Lands Liz Taylor Role: Is This Her Turning Point?

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