[Music Review] Miss A’s “Touch”

Title: “Touch” 4th Mini Album

Artist: Miss A

Release date: 2.20.2012

I’m still waiting to warm up to Miss A‘s lead track for their 4th EP. However, I would never refuse the other songs included based solely on whether or not I gravitate towards the first. And while “Touch” may not be high up on my chart as yet, I’d still like to give this group and their music a chance. Also, I must applaud the ladies on ever improving their craft, such as delivering strong vocals and tasteful dancing.

Let’s analyze “Touch” for a bit.

I can’t quite put my fingers on why their resident producer and label CEO is so fascinated with the 60s retro sound. He already drowns Wonder Girls‘ music in that concept already so why bring it to his second female group. I’d much rather listen to Miss A when they’re singing electro pop than feel irritated by some over used vintage influenced sound that I’m growing pretty tired of now.

Set my feelings about the song aside, and slide over to the video. Despite my distaste in the lead track, their loyal fans wasted no time in getting “Touch’s” music video to over 1 million views in one day. Talk about the power of Kpop, ehh! I’ve mentioned before that I kind of liked the mummy-esque/stiff dance, but there were times when the moves didn’t quite communicate well with the song, or is it me not connecting well with them? 

Well, on to the next one.

Lips” has got to be my absolute favorite so far. This song has a beat that’s not only hypnotic but addicting. Oddly enough, the title was the only one I remembered aside from “Touch” after viewing the track list. I wonder why? Anyways, I could see myself rocking out to this in the club on top of the bar, well not to that extreme but you get my point. Its like you can’t help but get this wild emotion run through your body and tempt you to get on the dance floor. And if you’re hearing similarities to “Run The World” in some parts of the track, that’s because the producer sampled Major Lazer‘s “Pon De Floor” as well, in order to capture a mix of pop, dance, and dancehall. One word, blazing!

I’m finally beginning to enjoy this EP thanks to the previous track. Thankfully, my thrill ride isn’t tarnished by the next.

What I like about “Rock n Rule” is how mixed up it is between pop and dance, along with some dubstep thrown in the midst. This is an exceptional production and a very catchy one might I add. You get a sense that the girls are being more fun and playful on this one, while I felt their sensuality twice before coming to this point. There’s even a difference in the way they sing; their voices  were mellow, sultry and emotional in the previous but more released here.

I’m loving the different elements comprised on the EP so far, and I only hope it gets better after this, even with three songs remaining.

As mentioned prior, it’s all in the voices. On “No Mercy,” which I’m also warming up to, you feel that fierceness and the essence of a confident woman. I really like the chorus; the group harmonizes well where applied. Again, there’s a bandstand-ish beat (old school) here but I’ll give this one a pass over the first any time. No offense, but “Touch” gets “No Mercy” from me!

Oh, did I say “Lips” was my favorite? Well, “Over U” would have to be my second. The beat is aggressive, in your face, ‘forget u’ sort of ‘I’m gonna kick your ass-ish.’ I love it! So hard trying to find the right words to convey my initial reaction upon hearing the track kick in. This could definitely be a lead if not a follow-up. It just has that undeniable potential to go further. I’m getting the vibe of a strong and confident woman on this song as well.

Miss A has always been successful in bringing forth a powerful concept in their music, but for some reason “Touch” didn’t carry that energy I’m used to hearing. It didn’t hit the heart so to speak, but nonetheless, where the lead track lacks, the others lived up to magnificently. Well done ladies!

Oh my, I almost concluded on “Over U,” thinking that the last thing I needed was a remix of the first. However, the other version was a slap in my face. “Touch (Newport mix)” is the smooth, groovy, seductive ballad missing from this release up till now. I really thought that this time around we wouldn’t be granted a slower paced track but what a pleasant surprise this remix was.

How do I describe it? I could say the song is breathtaking, passionate, heartwrenching, beautiful, emotional, dramatic, melancholic, pure, earth shattering, soul-shaking, words that are all fitting but incapable of truly describing the way I feel the song under my skin. Not to mention their voices are sounding much more mature, and that rap is remarkably romanticized here. My two favs are excellent party rockers, but this song is perfect for the heart. Never in my life have I ever fallen in love with the remix version of a song before and I’m positive I’m not the only one.

Miss A has returned, though they hadn’t left for too long. It’s quite impressive how these ladies manage to captivate an audience every single time they release new music. Is it their singing, the dance moves, those well toned bodies, edgy outfits or girl power? Or maybe it’s the fact that their backed by one of the biggest producers in kpop. In all honesty, I think its their talent and drive to be the best and do it better all the time that distinguishes Miss A from the pack. Always incomparable and surpassing their previous release, Miss A today is one of the best groups among many. I’m sure even an anti-fan can attest to that. You just can’t escape their unstoppable force, and that power is exhumed entirely on their new EP. “Touch” gets a rating of 4.9/5


Track listing:

01. Touch 
02. Lips 
03. Rock N Rule 
04. No Mercy 
05. Over U 
06. Touch (Newport mix) 


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What do you think about “Touch?”

Rating Scale:

0 – 1.9: pathetic, absolutely no redemption
2.0 – 2.9: poor, one or two good tracks
3.0 – 3.9: some stability among the bad
4.0 – 4.9: good, one bad apple
5: superb, beyond perfect

Images Credit: YeinJee

5 thoughts on “[Music Review] Miss A’s “Touch”

  1. I was surprised actually at their new song. It reminded me a lot of the Wondergirls style music. Although this was different the first few seconds of the song drew me in. I love the first few seconds and how the beat sounds. After those beats is when it reminded me of those retro style >< However I do love the look of Min in this album!!

  2. Personally I think that this group is JYP’s experiment…..He’s more willing to try different sounds, genres with them than any of his other group…I have to say Lips is my favorite.

  3. I actually like the remix song even though i don’t understand the language..i think it would sound just as good in english as well cos there’s a girl that sounds so clear..the pics are really nice too~very sophisticated and creative

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