Can Entertainers Really Be Themselves In The Industry?

I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about this controversy surrounding a particular male group that transpired after an interview supposedly went wrong. At first when people (the media and fans alike) started responding negatively I didn’t pay much attention to it because I thought it wasn’t as big a deal as they made it out to be, mind you I hadn’t even seen the interview to be having any sort of opinion on it.  However, seeing that this wasn’t going away after a few days it made me realize that it must be serious after all. So, I decided to watch the interview and get some substantial feedback from an avid follower of the group. 

It is quite evident that these young men were simply being themselves and staying true to their down-to-earth personalities, but it seems their genuineness came off a bit inappropriate and inconsiderate when it involved a very serious matter. As a result, fans within that particular country as well as from the group’s homeland felt somewhat disappointed in their behavior or attitude during the interview, and deemed it as a poor representation of their culture and what they came from. Before I give my impression on this, I invite you to watch the interview below and judge for yourselves without me having any influence on your reaction:

There you have it. If you’ve seen the interview from start, you’ll clearly see the group’s jovial personalities. These guys are severely filled with energy and demonstrate that a great deal in their performances and interviews. However, I’ve yet to see them play around in such a manner as they did during this one interview, and in another country at that. I could toss this aside and say well, that’s just how they are but really, there’s a time for everything and when it comes to joking about serious events that affect the lives of people then joking is definitely uncalled for. Also, when asked if they had anything encouraging  to say, the group looked baffled as if they haven’t the least bit of something positive to send out. That to me was kind of odd. Now, I don’t know if they’ve been trained in doing interviews and how to conduct themselves, but it does come off as if they haven’t or simply just don’t reflect it.

Upon seeing the reality of their behavior and receiving plenty of scrutiny the group has sincerely apologized to the country and to their fans in general. The leader has gone as far as to shave his head, which I know as a sign of repentance or solidarity, so you can see how sorry and hopeful they are in redeeming themselves. Whether or not they’ll be forgiven is truly up to those they’ve hurt. I know that its certainly affecting them emotionally as well, because one of the members was recently hospitalized due to all the stress the group’s currently facing, and upon receiving hate mail which entailed a suicide suggestion (that’s just extreme and only someone with an evil heart would do such a thing). 

There’s just so much involved in this and it completely spiraled out of control when anti-fans jumped on the boat of tearing them down further. It all made me think if entertainers can really be themselves and in doing so, how real can they get? In all honestly, like I’ve stated before, it’s a matter of time and place. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in showing your cool personality and how much of a sense of humor you have, just as long as you know that when it comes to the obvious serious matters, your jokes should be pushed aside. In reference to this interview gone wrong, the group should’ve tamed their wild sides.

Still, I recognize this group as a talented one and I truly hope everyone can come to a conclusion where they can all find some peace. That’s just my opinion.

What do you think?

Credit: KpopIdolExpert

3 thoughts on “Can Entertainers Really Be Themselves In The Industry?

  1. My thoughts…

    1. They look and act like kids who haven’t seen much of the big wide world yet.

    2. They are (as you say) *entertainers* in a pop group – rather than ‘serious artists’ with a message expressed through serious art.

    3. Why should we expect them to be anymore socially aware/ responsible/ mature than kids of the same age working in, say, the retail or fashion industry? Some people sing and dance for a living … some people flip burgers or sell handbags and shoes for a living.

    4. I am not familiar with this band but they look like a totally manufactured band to me. In most manufactured bands the label/ managers/ producers control just about every aspect of the band from lyrics to songwriting to outfits to what to say (and not say) in interviews to hairstyles etc. Interview questions/ answers are usually scripted (or totally shallow and predictable). Maybe these topics (in the video) were not arranged beforehand, hence the band’s unscripted/ unrehearsed (and somewhat controversial) responses to them.

    5. K-pop is heavily controlled by corporate/ elite interests anyway, and like the rest of the music industry, it should never be taken too seriously. Or seriously at all 🙂

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