[Music Review] Usher’s “Climax”

I was beginning to worry Usher was putting to rest his soulful roots to jump on the dance trend that has proven to be tasteless and forgettable music only hot for a second. However, “Climax” is a sultry, seductive, groovy, passionate, and provocative new single that gets me anticipating his seventh studio album. The track embodies not only soul, but elements of modern pop, dubtep, as well as electronic effects all intertwined together creating a beautiful sound. I’m taken a back by this electrifying beat; every hair on my hands stood up the first time I heard it, and my reaction remains the same with every listen.  Usher’s voice gets my blood boiling by his steamy tone and sensual harmonies. Listen, if you haven’t already, and be mesmerized:

“Climax” tells the story about a relationship that has ended but both are still in love and still very much missing each other. It’s actually quite interesting; both got tired of the issues in the relationship it seems. They reached their breaking point where it was hard to hold on anymore, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other anymore.

Now, as much as I love this song I’m still iffy about his upcoming album because of a particular person that I heard will be contributing material: David Guetta. No offense to Mr. G, but his production is nothing else but generic. There’s no amazement whenever he unleashes his production and I don’t like him working with artists I love. That’s kind of selfish and yes, I agree a bit offensive to David’s producing skills, but I’m yet to hear anything substantial come out of his studio sessions.

Anyways, back to Usher. “Climax” is hot, sexy and smooth. And it’s great to have the singer back doing what he stole many of our hearts with in the first place, r&b.

Rating: 5/5


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What do you think of Usher’s latest?

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