Viola Overlooked, Once Again

Viola Davis just can’t catch a break when it comes to winning Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress at neither the Golden Globes, nor the Academy Awards. This woman is beyond talented so why for the love of exceptional acting won’t these committees realize her true potential and reward her with what she so deserves. I don’t know how many were as disappointed as I was when Davis’ name wasn’t announced as Best Actress winner on Sunday night, but can you imagine how she felt losing out twice in a row in the same category to the same person, despite how great Meryl Streep is. Urghh!

I’m actually quite overwhelmed by it all. The fact that this film as well as Viola’s performance received so much hype both positively and negatively. And for the sake of the negativity surrounding her role in “The Help,” I really wanted her to snag that award to say “in your face,” sort of. I literally jumped up out of my snoozing after hearing she didn’t get the award, and it frustrates me as to why she didn’t.

So, Oscars, tell me why is it that Davis didn’t win? Is it another case of something we all like to push under the rug sometimes and remain hush, hush about? or could it be that Meryl Streep just had a stronger and more recognizable performance in “The Iron Lady” (which hasn’t sparked my interest up till now to even dare watch the movie)

Whatever the case, Viola Davis deserved that Best Supporting Actress Award back when she nailed her role in “Doubt,” and especially the Best Actress Award after giving us a passionate delivery in “The Help.” I loved both those films and hopefully, sometime in the near future, Viola will be properly recognized by these prestigious awards, so long as she remains on her amazing acting path which always results in a natural and flawless presentation. That’s just my opinion on that.

What do you think about Viola Davis not winning Best Actress at Golden Globes and now at the Oscars?

One thought on “Viola Overlooked, Once Again

  1. Let’s just realize the truth, despite being so good its hard to win an oscar when the color of your skin is taken into consideration..examples, Denzel, Halle, etc. look how long it took for them to win, and when they finally did, it wasn’t for their best roles

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