Domestic Abuse, infidelity & An Unusual Family

Jdramas surely know how to stir up ones emotions when they get intense, and Kare, Otto, Otoko Tomodachi was no exception. This series was my first to watch since the start of the new year, and I’m more than satisfied with what I’ve been given. It was only eight episodes lasting about forty minutes each and I stayed up all night watching the entire thing. At first, I was sort of skeptical with how I might receive this drama, due to the fact that two of the daughters portrayed whorish behavior, and the eldest was trapped in a violent marriage that I couldn’t save her from. However, once each character was broken down and the audience got to analyze them individually, you could see the causes behind their behavior and the kind of life they built for themselves.

The family, minus the youngest daughter, had this peculiar arrangement where everyone got along fine with each other. The parents, though divorced, weren’t at each others throats, and I give two thumbs up to the children’s mother because the dad basically cheated on her then left her for his new wife and she goes on like it’s all good. Well, it’s like she says in the drama, “life is too short to hold on to grudges.” 

Now, let’s break down this drama and see how much of a good job the creators as well as the cast did. First of all, domestic abuse is a very serious issue in society and I thought that was depicted well. You could feel the intensity, the fear, whenever the abuser came in the room and when he started picking on something to use as a reason to react violently. Kimura Tae and Yusuke totally convinced me, the latter actually scared me into thinking he was really a monster. Those dramatic scenes between the married couple literally made me cry, out of anger and from feeling helpless. 

I hated the second daughter in the beginning. She just appeared so unappreciative of the wonderful man that was in her life and all she did was cheat on him. So, I was kind of laughing devilishly when her co-worker threw a monkey wrench in her plans because that definitely took her down a notch. Still, Maki Yoko is an amazing actress and while her infidelity pissed me off, I cheered on her character for being the stronger sister/daughter ready to drop everything when it comes to family. 

Kaho playing the third daughter didn’t seem like her usual goody goody role, still she won me over as the straight-forward, sometimes mean spirited third daughter. Her character wasn’t ordinary; she’s the kind of girl that doesn’t have many friends but doesn’t seem to mind at all, because she’s more concerned with doing it her way and not please anybody else. I liked how at first she had this huge shield protecting her heart from love and that’s definitely something that transpired after what happened between her parents. However, her fairytale ending took me by surprise cause who knew the one who didn’t believe in love would be taken by the very strong emotion itself. 

In conclusion, I absolutely loved Kare, Otto, Otoko Tomodachi, with the subs of course, and I recommend that you watch because this drama is something no one should pass up on. It’s as real as reality gets. Check out the link below to watch:

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