Book Review – ‘Torn’ by Stephanie Guerra


Estelle Chavez is a smart girl with a lot going for her. Well, a lot of ‘normal’ stuff that is. She’s athletic, a helpful daughter to a overworked mother, and a caring older sister making sure her siblings are on the right path. She’s just an all around goody goody, until wild child Ruby Caroline walks into her life and sort of pulls Stella into this new world she had never experienced before. 

Stephanie Guerra‘s ‘Torn‘ pits stability against the unfamiliar. Two teens, both with family issues but one seems much more troubled than the other. It’s a question of friendship; do you remain loyal and help the other the best way you can, or do you walk away from it and return to the life you once had? 


Torn‘ is a marvelous story portraying a grounded teen, Stella, and the crazy and oblivious Ruby. When this messed up character came into the picture you began to understand how these two girls could end up being friends. Ruby had a carefree but weird way of life, while Stella was going through a routine since she was younger. Her friends and school life had remained the same, and her family life had remained the same, since the departure of her dad. So, of course she’d be curious as to who Ruby was and how she managed to be so unpredictable and fun-loving. Stella wanted something new, different, spontaneous. And this new girl didn’t seem so bad of a friend, at first.

To be honest, there were parts where I felt that for such a smart girl, why would Stella condone to some illogical things that happened while she was with Ruby. I thought she was unbelievably gullible to a point it just seemed ridiculous. However, I have to admit Ruby does have her good points and sometimes its a bit surprising. And when you evaluate this strange girl’s home life, you can’t really blame her for the craziness. Her mom’s pretty messed up; it’s like she’s a friend rather than a parent. Ruby grew up with no rules, no clear guidance as to what’s right and what’s wrong, and she definitely didn’t get any help from her mother as to how to be treated as a lady, or the kind of guys she should stay away from. 

Ruby was lacking in love and yearned for it so badly that she made the wrong choices. Therefore, can you really dislike her character for behaving the way she did? By the way, I think as readers we need to understand something very significant in this book: Ruby did not force Stella into becoming her friend. No, she did not. Stella was the one who seemed intrigued and along for the ride. 

In conclusion, I loved this book. And that’s great cause I haven’t read one that was really bad so I think I’m on a good roll here. Anyways, ‘Torn’ is a must read. It’s a step away from the popular paranormal novels and you surely won’t regret it. This book is absolutely realistic and there are mentions of topics very much alive in today’s society.

Rating: 5/5


Title: Torn

Author: Stephanie Guerra

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

Release Date: April 1, 2012

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