Book Review – ‘Perception’ by Kim Harrington

Perception (Clarity, #2)Clare Fern is now popular in high school and around town. Her previous activities involving aiding the police with her ‘gift’ has piqued the interest of many, including former enemies Kendall and Brooke. The in-crowd seems to be warming up to her but is it for who she is or what she can do? While Clare continues to question their motives, one person remains the same and she’s neither flattered nor impressed by this suddenly famous psychic.

Kim Harrington is a creative writer. Her words flow precisely well. Perception is a stretch from your usual paranormal, but a little mystery will satisfy your taste just the same.

The follow-up, while still enjoyable, left me with mixed feelings. It’s not that I didn’t like it, its just that the ‘Perception‘ wasn’t always clear, and the story was a bit drawn out and somewhat lacked the element of spontaneity.


At first I thought the focus would be balanced out on the missing girl, a lingering spirit, solving a murder, and Clare’s love triangle, but the author seemed to focus entirely too much on the latter leading me to ask at one point, ‘wait, what else was going on again?’ By the time it got to the end, I already knew who the real killer was because it was rather obvious throughout. I locked on to the true nature of this individual the moment he was being described. Everything about him just screamed suspicious. However, with that aside, I focused my attention more on the love triangle and who Clare was going to choose. That part of the story had me in more anticipation, and I think that’s the winning point of ‘Perception.’

I did particularly like the fact that Clare finally found a best friend who appeared somewhat odd in the beginning, and I think the author just did that to mess with the reader a bit. You didn’t really know whether or not to trust this person and was wondering why she wasn’t being honest but Mallory really won me over once I saw what her world was like and who she really was. 

Kendall and Brooke puzzled me from start, though momma Fern insisted on Clare giving these popular kids a chance, disregarding the fact that they were once her bullies and even earned the title ‘freak’ from them. So, I wasn’t buying into the act with those girls. Tiffany, on the other hand remained true to her evil, manipulative self. You always need a good antagonist in every story to keep the main character on her toes. 

Perry is still such an adorable character. I started to worry about him being depressed about the murder that took place in book one, and how stressed out he had gotten after being accused of the act, but then you realize there’s so much more going on and it turned out to have nothing whatsoever to do with what happened the previous summer. 

Justin irritated the hell out of me from the first book till now. I was thrilled when Gabriel came into the picture, and I should also add that I loved the ending. Kudos to Clare for finally making the ‘right’ decision.

Overall, Perception was a good read. It was quite well-written and tremendously light. I finished the book in seven hours. The only downside to the second release is the fact that it was sort of dragged out and I felt like I was watching a so-called action film without much action. Still, it wasn’t bad and I did enjoy the little creepy moments. This adds a bit to the suspense and mystery taking place, and if you’re a fan of those genres then you should definitely pick this up!

Rating: 4.5/5


Title: Perception (Clarity Book 2)

Author: Kim Harrington

Release Date: March 1, 2012

Publisher: Scholastic Point

Purchase now on Amazon

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