Would You Strip To Survive, or Find a Sugar Daddy?

What would you do if you were faced with desperation? Bills need to be paid and the economy shows no sign of improving. What if you were down to the last two options: strip, or find a sugar daddy? Is there one better than the other, and which do YOU think is more socially acceptable? 

I recently had an interesting conversation with a  very opinionated young lady about stripping and whether or not she would do it to make ends meet. Let me just say that she sugarcoated nothing. So, if you’re looking for something PG rated then please click the X or go watch cartoons, because this post is not for the modest. However, if you’re looking for the real real, then continue below:

“I would feel objectified dancing in barely there clothes, and nobody is gonna be there groping on my thangs. I would find a sugar daddy if that’s what it came down to. And with a sugar daddy, though the relationship would strictly be founded on the basis of finances, it could very well turn out to be a wonderful, amazing, emotionally connected relationship. By the way, a sugar daddy doesn’t have to be the stereotypical old gizzard who’s just looking to bust a nut and be on his way home. And next day be bragging to his friends about his hot conquest. He could very well be a young man or a rising entrepreneur. I mean, everyone has to start somewhere. The good thing also is that my health won’t be compromised because I won’t be partaking in popping and locking. And mind you, while we’re on the issue of health, if sex is involved, in which most cases it is a fundamental requirement, the necessary precautions will be taken. Best believe he will strap it up, and he will go through mandatory STD testing. Should he be found with the boinky boink, it’s a wrap. I ain’t playing with my health or tryna compromise myself.”

“Also, I’m very particular, my sugar daddy WILL NOT have a bear belly, and he WILL NOT be a SHORTY. If anybody finds my belief on this to be a bit far fetched, then you can go kick rocks. It is what it is. I’m just tryna survive and so is everybody else. So, you do you, and I’ll do me. Don’t mind the haters. People are gonna talk regardless, so just stay true to you. You know, everybody’s gonna have an opinion, just like everybody has an asshole.”

Quite the strong speaker indeed, and she gave her honest opinion. But while lady anonymous made it clear that she would rather have the sugar daddy, how about making the decision to choose neither? 

“Dats just straight up ho-ish. I don’t care what it is you going thru. If you a strippa you is a ho, and if you got a sugar daddy, dat don’t make no difference you still a low down ho. Why she gotta be strippa? and why she gotta find herself a sugar daddy? She should just look for a normal jobby job like errrybody else. I mean, times are hard for all of us. Shoot! I got bills too; car insurance, rent, taxes, college tuition, and a bunch of other expenses to take care of. And just cos I’m going through a rough time don’t mean I’m gon tarnish my reputation; shaking my ass on no damn pole, or letting some bum pimp me out for no paper. I’m priceless, and no amount of desperation is gon make me sell myself for less. As Tamar would say, girl get your life!”

And there you have it, some say find a sugar daddy to help take care of your expenses and help improve your lifestyle, while others say think twice about either no matter the situation. Both sides had valid opinions on the issue, but I can’t toss away the fact that many make the decision to either strip or have a sugar daddy to put themselves through school, and to take care of their family. 

What about you, what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Would You Strip To Survive, or Find a Sugar Daddy?

  1. neither..but if its out of my hands and i seriously need to pick one, probably get a sugar daddy. stripping seems much more degrading to me

  2. If I had to choose..i mean really choose, then I’d probably find a sugar daddy. I just think its better to have one rich guy take care of you rather than strip every night and have different men throw money at you like you’re just an object.

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