Bus Chronicles: Still holding onto love with broken bones

Love is one helluva drug. When you are in love, it seems that nothing else exists-not even your sense of self, just that cocooning love between you and lover boy or girl!

Earlier on the week, I was on the bus when I eavesdropped-as is the usual-on a conversation that had me hella confused. 3 passengers boarded the bus,two of them looking like they had just sipped some ‘coke’ for breakfast, and the other looking fresh, bathed and spruced up. Quite an interesting group combination I thought to myself. The conversation that ensued had me wowing and uhhming the whole way to the bus stop.

The spruced up diva-it was she, took  a sit opposite her man, and made sure to sit next to their mutual friend or lover…iunno….these crazies. She had a cast on her arm, and in a somewhat loud voice asked her opposite partner, whether he remembered twisting her arm the night before. He stated as a matter of fact, “nope” and continued perusing some bullshit in his rotting bag-it looked like it was rat infested. I called it bullshit perusing because these were some serious allegations being laid on him, that warranted immediate attention, well not mister man. He was too busy.

Out of nowhere, she asked him to look at a piece of paper she was holding that had doctors orders. To this too, he scoffed at her and pretended looking like he was genuinely busy. Hmmmmm…When she threatened to get real loud, he took at the piece of paper and told her that the bus was not the time and place to declare such matters. This led me to believe that he was a guilty party.  Apparently, the night before, she had been rushed to the emergency room after the arm twisting/wrestling to which he swore he could not remember as he was drank the whole time.

It seemed she was not going to let this matter go, and was going to deal with the ‘domestics’ in full view of the public. Pointing to her ankle, she asked if he remembered “that”. She had a cast on her leg, too. Jesus! I thought to myself. All her bones had been broken in the name of holding onto love and homelessness. I just can’t!

The both of us are homeless and he is out there  arm twisting, ankle wrestling with me-in light of our circumstances. It would be a wrap! Bye, be gone, let’s meet in heaven type of bye! Disappear from the face of this earth. But apparently, love is stranger than fiction.  She was determined to make it work, even if it meant being broken into pieces-physically and emotionally!

What a ride!

Shout outs to JK! Enjoyyyyy…..

2 thoughts on “Bus Chronicles: Still holding onto love with broken bones

  1. I could never understand why women stay with psychotic men like that but you never know what’s going on and its easy for someone on the outside to look and judge, but its not easy for the one going through it. But i hope one day they’ll all understand what true love is and realize that its not so cruel..great post and welcome back!

  2. It always astonishes me, to what people (male and female) will deal with on the part of their partners or whatnot just because they believe they’re in love. I’m sorry but I will not tolerate that kind of ridiculousness! I have to agree with you on this one first time I ended up in a cast it would be bye for good. If that’s the way you know how to “love” then I don’t need it! I can get better love from somebody else.

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