Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is a global online destination for fashion-forward, free-thinking girls. Who is a Nasty Gal? We like to think of her as the coolest girl in the room‚ pulling off whatever wildly unique piece that suits the mood. The name was inspired by the song and album “Nasty Gal.” Betty Davis, the patron saint of bad ass women, was known for her unapologetically sexy funk music which comprises our vision of femininity—complete with lamé platform thigh-high boots. Check out some of their latest below:

Racerback Wrap Dress - Magenta  Silk Splatter Top  Second Skin Jeans - Faded Black

Racerback Wrap Dress - Navy  Paisley Lace Tank Acid Dream Skirt

Flag Religion Knit  Chiffon Back Blazer - Blue Love Child Crochet Top

Heat Wave Pants Asymmetric Cutout Dress Cold Shoulder Blouse - Violet

Veracruz Cutout Dress Boardwalk Blazer - Blue Magic Hour Maxi Dress

Teacher's Pet Dress - Navy Chiffon Swing Tank - Poppy Vault Skinny Jeans

Candy Peplum Dress Diamond Lace Dress Beach Club Blazer - Khaki

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One thought on “Nasty Gal

  1. Nasty Gal? I love the sounds dirty but still intriguing, kinda outta my budget though..but still very fun and stylish

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