Book Review – ‘Come Home’ by Lisa Scottoline

When Jill’s distraught ex-stepdaughter Abby brings news of her ex-husband’s death, her world is thrust into turmoil. Was it an accident or murder? Is she willing to sacrifice her future for her past to uncover the answers? 

Does the invisible thread exist regardless if you’re blood related or not? Well, in Lisa Scottoline’s latest book, family is certainly defined in a way one would not expect. 

Come Home is intense from start to finish; Scottoline’s immediate reveals were clearly a set up for the bigger eye openers, and you’ll absolutely feel awakened by the end. This book lived up greatly to the previous ‘Save Me’, and I’m positive we have another best seller on our hands.


The story opens quickly unraveling what took place in the past and what was currently taking place within the present. I love novels written in a fast pace and I wasn’t bored at any moment while reading ‘Come Home‘.

Jill was literally appearing before my eyes with every scene; she came across as a really kind, understanding, selfless, and motherly woman who had gone through a great deal. There’s a strong depiction of sincerity in her reaction to her stepchildren and the equality enforced between them and her own biological child, regardless of the fact that she’s no longer married to their father. You get a sense of how much family means to her and how significant it is to be there for each other despite whatever.

She seem to be moving on with her new life until a particular character from her past popped up. However, a failed marriage hadn’t tainted her love for the children she didn’t bring into the world. 

Abby’s entrance had me puzzled a bit. First she’s hysterical about the death or supposedly murder of her father, then she’s composed and reminiscing on her past with Jill. Another part that stirred up suspicion within me was how much she emulated Meagan. What amused me the most was how Abby’s dramatic behavior had no effect whatsoever on Jill’s new beau. And that came across to me as if he was the sort of character not easily moved, or if he was unsure of how to treat the step-kid from Jill’s previous marriage.

All in all, this was a great read and I don’t want to give too much away because I’d like for you to enjoy it as much as I did. Come Home is not as suspense based as the author’s previous works but its just as entertaining and pleasant all the same. While trying to establish a sense of balance within each relationship, a mystery is waiting to be solved and the journey is just as great getting there. The end will leave you surprised.

Rating: 5/5


Title: Come Home

Release Date: April 10, 2012

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

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2 thoughts on “Book Review – ‘Come Home’ by Lisa Scottoline

  1. I actually read this and it was just too intense for me..there was also too much going on and i was often thrown

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