This Vampire Fixation


What’s up with people, no squash that, entertainers today? It seems they all have developed an annoying obsession with vampire concepts: dark, deathly, otherworldly. I don’t know about you but I forgot about that movie within 24 hours of its release. And in reaction to this style that continues to show up, my final conclusion remains, its washed-up.

Take 4minute for example, there I was enjoying my day when all of a sudden I got a recommendation from a friend to go check out the group’s latest tease. At first my reaction was like “ooooh, very European-esque with this tastefulness to it…” but then I noticed the change in eye color like I was watching a trailer for vampire diaries. WTH! that image on their website didn’t put to rest my already stirred up perception of their new concept either way. Right now, I can only hope that the new song and EP will distract me from this ‘washed-up’ matter.

Anyways, I’m not venting, ranting, or whatever angry tone you’d like to affiliate with me, I am simply stating my annoyance with peoples entertainers fixation on blood suckers. Eww!

What say you?

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