Mom Dies After Witnessing Daughter Being Raped

While catching up on the latest news from the Jamaica Star website I came across something that redefines the word horrific. Apparently, a woman along with other family members were forced to watch her 17 year old daughter being raped by four armed men after these bastards held up the household. The mother became seriously ill afterwards (who wouldn’t after such an ordeal) and was taken to the hospital. She later died from a stress-related illness.Β 

What is wrong with this world? only the devil himself could have led these scum of the earth to behave in such a way. I seriously pray that they’ll be caught and punished severely. As for the family, I pray that they’ll find the strength to cope, that the daughter will get the love and support she needs to survive, and may her mother rest in peace.

What do you think about this terrible crime?


3 thoughts on “Mom Dies After Witnessing Daughter Being Raped

  1. WTH!!! OMG…I would find them and kill them myself, indeed only the devil could do such a horrible thing. God bless that mom

  2. it’s sad monsters like the even exist. It’s one thing to rape someone which is bad enough, but to hold up the household and to rape in that manner, it is just sick tbh. Usually i feel like there is good to everyone, if it even exists in those people, there is very, very little.

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