Book Review – ‘Nevermore’ by Kelly Creagh

Cheerleader Isobel Lanley is horrified when she’s paired with dark child Varen Nethers for an English project. As disappointed as she is at start, Varen also makes it clear that the feelings of distaste are mutual. Little did Isobel know that aside from working on this project, she would also be pulled into the dreamworld of this mysterious yet intriguing guy. Their feelings are developed as worlds intertwine, but more importantly, Isobel would have to save her new found love from the very thing he himself helped create.

Nevermore‘ portrays a chilling and unlikely romance that you’re bound to get drawn into. It’s all fair in the beginning, describing a girl’s misfortune for getting placed with one of their school’s misfits, but once Edgar Allan Poe became the center piece amongst a series of strange events, I knew the end results would be anything but ‘normal.’It is Poe afterall, and we know his sense of reality isn’t too far from fantasy.

A simple love story would be highly predictable and boring had there been no twists. Don’t you think?


First off, this book came out a while back and I became aware of its existence recently due to the recommendation of other book reviewers. I’m now beyond happy with my decision to get a copy because it was an amazing read.

Isobel’s character is lovable; she’s not a typical popular girl who just happens to be a cheerleader in order to increase her popularity, she’s actually passionate about it. I also liked how strong-willed the author made her out to be. If Isobel feels differently about something, sure enough she will let it be known.Β 

Varen in my head is so yummy. The more he’s described the more I yearn to have such a person jump out of the pages and come to life. I wasn’t surprised when Isobel fell in love with him, who wouldn’t? This guy is the definition of hot, no matter how weird the school painted him out to be. He’s smart, funny in a not-trying-to-be funny kind of way, artistic, and attention giving, though the way he looked people straight in the eyes so piercingly would scare me as well. Still, I loved his character and all the mystery that came along with it.

Kelly Creagh did a wonderful job incorporating Poe’s notable works while telling her own story. This to me is quite risky for a debut author, but she blew me away with how well-written ‘Nevermore‘ is. AndΒ I honestly wasn’t expecting the darker side stirred up within the chapters as the story progressed. I believed it was just going to be about a gothic guy and a popular chick developing feelings for each other; opposites attract. However, I enjoyed how it all played out and how hopeful Kelly made me get line after line, not many writers can win me over completely but she certainly takes the cake.

Overall, this was one of the best debut novels I’ve ever read, and as bittersweet as Kelly Creagh left me at the end, I’m grateful to her for continuing the story because I truly don’t want it to be over just yet. ‘Nevermore‘ has me seduced by such a dark and passionate love story that is well deserving of at least 12 more parts.

Rating: 5/5


Title: Nevermore

Author: Kelly Creagh

Released: August 31, 2010

Publisher: Atheneum (Simon & Schuster)

Purchase now on Amazon

What do you think of ‘Nevermore?’

2 thoughts on “Book Review – ‘Nevermore’ by Kelly Creagh

  1. I read this book back when it was released so I was like “i know this cover” when I saw it here. Glad you reviewed it and like you I absolutely enjoyed it. The story is so different from the usual girl meets boy and fall in love

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