Bus Chronicles: Drug Dealing Baby

Friday evening, I was in a foul mood, completely drained and just wanted the comfort of my bed. It seemed like an eternity, before the bus came through.
To be exact, it took a whole hour. The entire time, a young mother took the liberty of going bat shit crazy on her young one. She kept scolding, screaming and making threats about facing the wall when they got home! Her foolishness, was getting to me slowly but surely, so when I saw the bus approaching I did a little praise dance! I strategically chose my seat, and prayed to the Almighty that no crazy would come sit next me. My mood would not allow for some random conversation about dog shit and roses. I just wanted a quiet ride home. My prayers were not answered, but the juicy story lifted my stories.

These two youngins, a boy and a girl were sitting behind me, having just met each other. The young girl was bubbly and was excited about her new job at the mall. She went on and on about how she loved her new gig, while the boy quietly listened. When it was his turn,he stumbled, or should I say he mumbled about not having a job because his parents did not trust him. This is because, he was pushing a hustle that saw him expelled from school. From the way, he was talking he felt like he was on top of the world, the shit and the urine -if you will a la Kanye West. The moment of pride in me came, when the young lady admonished his behavior and told him that he needed to get his life together, for the sake of his future. Wow! I thought to myself. She has a good shoulder on her heads, and I pray that she continues on that path. 

After being prodded as to why he was on that hustle path, he finally gave up the goods-he was all about the cheddar, provolone and swiss. No shame whatsoever. He did not see the need for an education. After being expelled from school, he was lucky to be accepted by another one, in which he was making A’s and B’s, only so that he could appease his parents into buying him a car on his 18th birthday. He planned on cruising away never to return,  

As far as he was concerned life was all about a fast life and fast car-listen to Tracy Chapman’s song of the same, to get a feel of what I am talking about. 

Needless to say, my ride came to an end, and I was happy to hear that the drug dealing baby was an A student, and there was hope. I implore all of you reading to pray for the young man to finish school!

Shout outs to Jazz and JK! Enjoy………

4 thoughts on “Bus Chronicles: Drug Dealing Baby

  1. This is why I read the bus chronicles! There is always something poppin off! Ok I really do hope that this young man gets it together. Honestly it may look good now but just wait, I’ve known far too many young men who have gone down similar or the same path and for the most part I’m sad to say they are now either in jail, deceased, or unemployed with no hope of getting a job due to lack of an education. You may not like it now but does eventually pay off. I can say that because I’m struggling as we speak through school, I’ve had to quit move back home and start over but I came back with my head held high because I got a job or a few as it were in order to make it and do what I need to, to be successful. I hope that others like myself read this and carry on cuz its worth it, you just have to have faith that you’ll succeed! Keep up the good work guys, if you’re writing I’m reading!

    1. Umm..where exactly was the mention of a crack head in this post? Are you basing your judgment on the line “…he was pushing a hustle?” if so, hustling doesn’t always involve selling crack, it’s just finding several means to survive. And that’s even beside the case, “found in every corner of the world…?” I believe she’s talking about people in HER town, which is in the U.S.

  2. LOL! I just love your bus stories, I know we all have some encounters with crazy ppl but yours seem so much more interesting..by the way, I will be praying for that kid. WTH! what’s wrong with young ppl these days? they have no direction in life and seem to not have the motivation to excel

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