[Music Review] SISTAR’s “Alone” EP

We are the mighty SISTAR! I love the way these ladies introduce themselves. It’s original and fierce, something hard to find in kpop groups these days. Anyways, all praises based on SISTAR’s appeal and formation aside, time to focus on their first mini album “Alone.” 

I’m loving the concept: grown and sexy. The group has certainly shown maturity in their vocals and attitude since their debut. SISTAR is like a representation of women, not teens; just observe the way they portray themselves, the kind of music they perform, and the very way they sing. Everything is done in a chic and sophisticated manner. I love it. But while their message is often about women being strong and confident, the ladies have shown that they can be playful and vulnerable at times.  With that said, I’m excited to check out the new EP, so come on this journey with me as I discover what SISTAR has in store for us:

Come Closer‘ is just an intro, there’s nothing special going on and I wasn’t deeply impressed. Sure it has an okay beat and sweet singing, but there wasn’t a lot of energy and the ladies didn’t sound as if they enjoyed recording it. Still, like I’ve stated, it’s just an intro for what’s about to go down.

I believe I already stressed on my appreciation for ‘Alone.’ The music is awesome; there’s this retro sound mixed with modern pop and that right there is an exceptional arrangement. The line that got me was that “i’m falling down…” part, their voices are beautiful together. Talk about perfect harmony.

I’m not one to make comparisons but SISTAR sounds very similar to 2NE1 on ‘No Mercy,’ particularly like Park Bom. The vocal ranges are well matched up in my opinion, which isn’t a bad thing because the song is good nonetheless. The old school influence is carried over, the chorus is catchy, and the melodies are nice. To be honest, it’s more upbeat than ‘Alone’ and could even pass as the lead single, but both songs are brilliant in their own way.

OMG! ‘Lead Me‘ is beyond hot. What a sensual, passionate, and groovy production. The music is tainted by 90’s r&b, urban pop, and yummy soul, the ultimate combination. SISTAR is sounding better and better with every track; these ladies are talented. Why am I only now truly recognizing the magnitude of their skills? Anyways, better late than never and SISTAR has made a devotee  out of me. This is the most addictive track I’ve heard so far. 

I’m not so sure about ‘Girls On Top.’ I love the beat, but everything else needs to grow on me. The chorus sounds cocky and I’m assuming it’s emphasizing on the title of the track, so I’ll let that go. I have no idea who is who in the group but there’s this one girl who’s voice is always on top of the rest. She’s, in my opinion, the lead vocalist and preferably the strongest singer in the group. Her voice is admirable as is, so why add auto-tune? I’m just saying.

I Choose To Love You‘ has a beautiful piano melody in the opening that continues throughout the song and that was evidently the best idea. The ladies take it down a touch to close off the EP, and this signifies how versatile they are as a group. They have the ability to make people dance with their high intensity upbeat tracks, while touching our hearts with their emotional pop ballads. This song left me in a sweet mood because it’s all about love and all that good stuff.

So, with an instrumental the EP concludes and I have to admit I liked it. The songs are fresh and catchy, the singing is on point, and the concept is clear. This is a wise choice for a crafty comeback, but why is this classified as their first mini album when it consists of the same amount of tracks as their first three so-called single albums. Shouldn’t ‘Alone‘ be called a 4th single album then? I guess I don’t get it. Shoot me!

Rating: 4.8/5


Track listing:

01. Come Closer
02. Alone
03. No Mercy
04. Lead Me
05. Girls On Top
06. I Choose To Love You
07. Alone (Inst.)


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3 thoughts on “[Music Review] SISTAR’s “Alone” EP

  1. Gotta admit Sistar has sort of been on my radar but not really coming up with anything that grabbed my attention. That is until this mini album came out, I have to agree with you Kai, they look grown and sexy. I love the style, the music I’m really feeling them on this one, finally they got me! Personally I have Alone, and Lead Me on repeat but that’s just me.

  2. by the way, I may not understand a word in korean but I do appreciate that you take the time to review even non-English music and your reviews are very good.

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