Guys Hurt Too!

Ladies, let’s keep it real. Sometimes we tend to forget that guys have feelings too, and they hurt just as much as we do in relationships. Most of the time its the women feeling heartbroken, crying to friends and family, thinking the man doesn’t care, sometimes they really don’t, but often times they do. And we need to remember that men usually express themselves emotionally different than we do. 

A guy may not cry in front of his girl cause he doesn’t want to seem weak, but he might in private. He’ll have a ton going on but finds it difficult to express it verbally to her. Hence, she thinks nothing affects him and that she’s the only one going through stuff, but if you both love each other then I’m sure he’s just as upset.

Alone, he ponders about the arguments that led to the break-up (if the relationship ended) or how he can make it better so you both can be happy. He sincerely tries to do his best but feels like its never enough when the girl is always complaining. I’m a woman, and I’m mature enough to put myself in the man’s shoes and see things from his perspective. Lord knows he’s tired of your nagging, and it certainly breaks his heart when you go around telling people he’s no good.

What I’m getting at is, guys are human with feelings, and their feelings get hurt too. So, while women seek to be treated like a queen, be sure to treat men the same way. I’m just saying.

What do you think?

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