Stars face-off: Nicole, Solange & Gwen

Nicole Richie  Gwen Stefani in Stella McCartney

Nicole Richie attended NBC’s summer press day in a laser-cut top and leather leggings that she styled with stacked bangles, gold rings and black pumps. Solange Knowles deejayed at an N.Y.C. Ferragamo event in the label’s colorful separates and gold cocktail rings. Gwen Stefani previewed My Valentine at the L.A. Stella McCartney boutique in the designer’s silk jumpsuit and added a studded clutch and patent leather Louboutins. 

2 thoughts on “Stars face-off: Nicole, Solange & Gwen

  1. There’s too much going on with Solange right there..i know she’s trying to be all different but those tones are a bit too overwhelming together..Nicole looks great. Gwen, hmmm….

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