‘Osaka My Home’

If you ever need a breath of fresh air, or if you have an urge to travel but have gotten as far as your neighboring town because of various circumstances that might include and may not be limited to financial issues, then please go check out ‘Osaka My Home.’ This is a storytelling blog about several individuals living around Osaka, Japan and will certainly let you feel as if you’re actually there. Note, each story gets updated so none have ended as yet, but its still an interesting read along the way. And don’t begin to think that these characters are real, well, they could be, but I’m sure their names have been changed.

My two favorite stories so far would have to be ‘I love you, Jun Matsumoto‘ and ‘Dreaming of Tokyo Dome‘ for their portrayal of two deluded but somewhat tolerable young girls. ‘My best friend, my enemy’ seems like it’s going to be good as well so  I can’t wait to read the next part in that. But anyways, if I don’t stop here I’m just going to go on and on about the awesomeness of this blog so again I implore you to check it out and make it your new found addiction. We all need some GOOD drug to keep us sane now and then. Don’t you think? 

Visit: Osakamyhome

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