[Music Review] Melanie Fiona’s ‘The MF Life’

My sincerest apologies for the two day absence but I needed time to collect my thoughts.

Melanie Fiona has a new album out. Well, to be more precise, the album has been released since mid-March. ‘The MF Life‘ is the singer’s sophomore effort highlighting a turning point in her life. The music comes harder this time around. The words are real and unapologetic. It’s Melanie Fiona like you’ve never heard her before, and after listening to the new album you’ll completely understand what I’m talking about. 

This Time‘ kicks things off with the assistance of Roc Nation buddy, J.Cole. His presence is tolerable but highly irrelevant. Melanie kills the track with or without him. That baseline is sick, the harmonies are smooth as silk, and Melanie’s voice is as sweet as honey. The artist is singing about doing it better this time around by putting her heart and soul completely in whatever she does. And we all know second time’s the charm.

Oh, wow! What else can I say about this song? I believe you all already know my final judgment on ‘4AM‘. I love this track so much that I could listen to it a million times and still not get tired. It’s one of those songs you can relate with so much when it comes to relationship issues. This is another reason why the album is so brilliant.

Break Down These Walls‘ is super fierce. The moment the music came in it was like adrenaline rushing through my system. The song’s about reaching a shielded heart; “love has no fear please take down your walls…” is all about trusting that someone’s gonna love you and not hurt you.

Haven’t most of us ‘Been That Girl?’ The kind of girl that loves the guy so much that no matter how he hurts her she can never find the strength to leave because he promises to change. Well, that’s exactly what this next track is about. Melanie reveals greatly that she knows exactly how it feels because she herself has ‘been that girl’ and won’t allow herself to be in that position again. There’s definitely a bluesy influence to the music mixed with irresistible soul that reverberates throughout the entire album.

Wrong Side Of A Love Song‘ is my second favorite after 4AM. Her emotions stick my skin like pins, an acceptable pain that touches my very core. Its just beyond breathtaking. There’s so much truth in her voice and you can’t help but believe the words come directly from her heart. I’m left numb whenever I finish listening to this track.

Nas‘ appearance on any track is bound to be a success. ‘Running‘ is the most upbeat since This Time but the music arrangement, in my opinion, fits perfectly to the words.  The song’s about trying to find someone compatible in life; someone who shares the same sentiments as you do regarding relationships.

I hear you DJ…” is my catchy hook now. ‘Change The Record‘ continues the upbeat tone. B.o.B joins in on the action, lending his in depth raps to Melanie’s vibrant and energetic singing. The song’s about re-evaluation. If there’s something you’re completely unhappy with then change it, because if you’re not happy within yourself then nothing or no one can make you happy.

Gone and Never Coming Back‘ was the first single released and gave audiences a glimpse of how intense the album’s concept was going to be. The track is rather depressing. It’s about realizing how deeply in love you are with someone; however, the relationship has ended and you have to accept the fact that he’s never coming back no matter how you feel.

Melanie gets back to her bluesy roots on ‘Bones.’ And if someone doesn’t love you down to your bones then its obviously not true. At least that’s my interpretation of the track. If you come up with a deeper  meaning than that please do share.

“talk is cheap, better if I show you…” there’s nothing sexier than a confident woman. ‘Work‘ is a great representation of Melanie’s sensuality. The singer’s more than ready to showcase what she’s capable of doing.

Melanie taps into her reggae roots to deliver a islandish, bittersweet ‘Can’t Say I Never Loved You‘. I literally felt like I was on the beach swaying along to the sounds of the acoustic guitar, complimented by a mellow baseline and sultry, heartfelt singing. The song’s about feeling contented with the fact that you gave it your all and loved at your hardest.

John Legend helps Mel get the message out loud and clear, that it all comes back to love. There’s no better strategy in emphasizing on your point than spelling it out, ‘L.O.V.E‘. I need not say more.

“It’s 6 in the morning…why’s your phone off you’re a grown man” always had me chuckling, though its very much a perfect depiction of reality. ‘6AM‘ picks up where 4AM left off. The story concludes the way it usually does: the man finally returns home to his worried, confused and angry girlfriend who greets him with tons of questions only to be given illogical answers. I’m satisfied with the final track and the method used to arrange the songs.

In conclusion, Fiona had me saying ‘go on wit yo bad self’. I love how soulful and groovy the tracks are, as well as how emotional the words came out. She’s a talented artist in a unappreciative industry and I just hope the rest of the world will wake up and realize Melanie’s undeniable bad ass skills.

On ‘The MF Life,’ Fiona’s voice is confident, fierce, and unrestrained. Her emotions are so believable that you could envision how stripped she was in the studio. I’m far more impressed by the contents of this release than her debut, The Bridge, and can’t wait for the next because undoubtedly, it can only get bigger and better after this. Melanie proves that oh so well.

Rating: 5/5


Track listing:

01. This Time
02. 4AM
03. Break Down These Walls
04. I Been That Girl
05. Wrong Side Of A Love Song
06. Running (ft. Nas)
07. Change The Record (ft. B.oB)
08. Gone & Never Coming Back
09. Bones
10. Watch Me Work
11. Can’t Say I Never Loved You
12. L.O.V.E (ft. John Legend)
13. 6AM (ft. T-Pain)


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What do you think about ‘The MF Life?’

2 thoughts on “[Music Review] Melanie Fiona’s ‘The MF Life’

  1. the is the best r&b soul album released so far since the start of 2012, and the way music is going i think melanie will have the best r&b album for year

  2. Thank u for reviewing this album. I really enjoy listening to it on a daily basis. Melanie Fiona is the epitome of a talented woman and I agree, she’s underappreciated.

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