Bus Chronicles: Say what?!

First things first, I love love my new avi. I decided to finally put one up, hope you guys like the artistic bend to it. I especially, love her hair! Go naturals!

Besides my mood being pleasant as always, the weather too was right behind the mentioned. The clouds were not letting up though, could have did with a little bit of sunshine. Nyhoo, yo’ girl had a lot of errands to run today. It was one of those days, I was looking hella fly but there was virtually nobody to compliment. Ladies, doesn’t this  happen to you too? The days you are looking a hot mess are the days you meet the foiiiiiiiiiine delights, and the opposite is true for the good days-yeah, it was one of those!

Nyhoo, I went grocery shopping today and of course I boarded the bus!  Lawwwwd hammercy! My observation radar when on the bus is twice as heightened than in any other vicinity. Well, today there was this wheelchair bound grandpa who was high as a kite. Twice, he almost injured a fellow passenger in the bus, as he tried adjusting his vehicle to fit those things that they put on wheelchairs to stop them from moving.-Yeah those! My goodness, I don’t think he had ever  stepped foot into a shower, since like 5 years ago. He reeked of whisky, stale fish and cigarrates. Just as the driver was about to pull off, this dude appeared from nowhere, and was mad loud on the phone. As he swiped his bus ticket, he uttered a fuck you! That perked my ears, and I started to eavesdrop into his conversation. In any case he was loud, very, and angry too.  When the mother of all curses flew out of his mouth, and you could practically feel the eerie gasp of everybody nearby! 

You weren’t complaining when you were wasting my money buying your shit, spending my money on your weed Bitch!

I clutched my pearls! I was VERY worried that those two kids a couple of seats infront of me, had been permanently damaged by this man’s rant! His tone was filled with so much vitiriole, I felt it for the woman  on the other end of the line. A man calling a woman the b-word, whew, it does something to me. I can’t fully explain it other than, you try that ish with me—–>just try!

He eventually calmed down and in no time I was hopping off the bus, looking at those two kids and praying that they were clueless as to what that man had just uttered. It is imperative that we take a look at our surroundings folks! I’m all for cursing, but not where kids are! That ish, not kiiiiiyute. Other than that spazz the fuck out all you want.

Happy cursings without kids around!

Shout outs to JK & Jazz! Enjoy…….

3 thoughts on “Bus Chronicles: Say what?!

  1. LMAO! Ms. EY u are beyond hilarious! “He reeked of whisky, stale fish and cigarettes.” that’s not a good mixture and i can only imagine what u were going through being near him, but that loud talkin dude on the phone, that’s a norm for most ppl these days on public transportation. First of all, why is he putting his biz out there like that, nobody wants to hear all that, and the fact that he doesn’t consider his environment is just disgusting. I don’t like careless ppl like that. By the way, was he good-looking? cos if a man’s good-looking and cursing like that in public, not to mention degrading a woman like that, is just messed up.

    1. girl, he was NOT good looking! Even if he was, a man using the b word becomes real unattractive, the moment he utters that word.

      Glad you enjoyed!!!!!

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