[Exclusive] The Autumn Film rolls out compelling and beautiful melodies


The Autumn Film? What a unique name in deed. Aside from their originality, I was also moved by the unimaginable talent of the trio. Dann, Tifah, and Reid have been working together for years, blending their individual creative skills to deliver a sound described by Dann as “a mix of one part Death Cab For Cutie, one part Coldplay, one part Fiona Apple, one part Eisley shaken all together and poured out into an adult-alternative / indie-rock/pop vibe.” There’s certainly a lot going on, but trust me you’ll fall under their spell with one listen. After that, it’ll be like an unbreakable addiction. 

Check out the passionate ‘Ocean Blue,’ my favorite song off of ‘The Ship and the Sea‘ album, then continue below to learn more:

EY: Where are you from, and how did you three come together?

TAF: We are from Colorado. We were actually all living in L.A. at the same time, right before we met, and then all moved to Colorado within the same few months. We met through some mutual friends, and after playing music together the first time, we all felt like we had stumbled onto something really special.

EY: What’s the story behind the name?

TAF: Our name came from a brainstorm session after about a year of being together. Before that, we had the name, “Tifah” because our singer, Tifah was playing solo before she met us. After a while, it became apparent that we were a band. So we picked “Autumn” because the colors of that season seemed to fit really well into our sound, and also because it’s a season of change and loss which fit most of our content. “Film” was picked because it’s another medium to tell stories through, and together, “The Autumn Film” just sounded right.

EY: Describe your style of music.

TAF: That’s a tough one. I would say it’s mostly for our fans to decide, but I would say a mix of one part Death Cab For Cutie, one part Coldplay, one part Fiona Apple, one part Eisley shaken all together and poured out into an adult-alternative / indie-rock/pop vibe.

EY: How do you separate your sound from similar bands in the industry?

TAF: I think having a strong female lead vocalist is really helpful. Tifah doesn’t sound like too many other female singers that are out there right now. We do our best to write compelling and beautiful melodies. Beauty is something all of us highly value.

EY: Who are some of your musical influences?

TAFIn addition to the above bands, they include Sigur Ros, Pedro The Lion/David Bazan, Patty Griffin, Aqualung/Matt Hales.

EY: Tell us about your latest digital release, ‘8 Track Tape.’

TAF: We approached this album differently from our other releases. We limited it to 8 songs, and collaborated with our good friend, Dave Wilton. We also shared the writing for the first time.

EY: How does this EP differ from your previous ‘The Ship & the Sea’ in terms of direction?

TAFWe set out to write all the songs that would work for a TV show or a film. All the songs have that commonality. Whereas, The Ship and The Sea are a group of songs that were written at different times and mostly written by Tifah.

EY: Your lyrical content is breathtaking. Where do you get the inspiration to write like that?

TAFThanks! For 8 Track Tape we wanted to focus on telling stories. As a group, we’d sit down and imagine scenarios that would be compelling enough to write about. We’d try and be as specific as possible, and then inevitably, the characters in the stories would start coming alive and we’d just start writing about them.

EY: In what way has your music evolved since your coming together until now?

TAFIn the beginning, Tifah was the principle song writer. There were a few exceptions, but the more time we spend together, the more collaborative the whole process has been. Not having any label support has really forced us to be creative in how we’re able to make a living playing music. Our strategy from the beginning has really been slow and steady growth. We wanted to create something for ourselves that would last our entire lives. We didn’t want to be a flash in the pan band with one mega-hit, only to fade into obscurity. We’re now at the point where we have a pretty loyal fan following, and our music has evolved and grown as we’ve grown artistically and musically having 6 years of experience of figuring out how to play music full-time.

EY: And what do you want listeners to continue getting from your music?

TAFI would hope that as we continue to grow and change, we’d continue to push the boundaries of what we think we’re capable of creating. I think so far every record we’ve put out has been better than the last. I want that to continue, and for fans to be able to connect to it. The whole reason that we play music is to touch people. I would hope that we’ll be able to continue to do that for years to come.

EY: Aside from creating your own original work you’ve always covered other artists as well. Recently you covered three songs performed by Coldplay. Why this band in particular?

TAF: Coldplay was picked because we love what they do and because they’re super popular. We hoped to help introduce ourselves to Coldplay fans because we think we’d be a good fit. We have also been playing Til Kingdom Come for quite a while because it’s just a favorite of ours.

EY: How challenging is the process of performing another artist’s song as appose to performing your own? Are you pressured in any way to keep the song as meaningful as the original?

TAFI wouldn’t say we feel pressure, but it’s definitely a big task to make the song your own, whilst still being faithful to the original. I read somewhere a long time ago Ozzy Osbourne saying something like, “If the original song has a good melody and you cover that song. Don’t change the f****** melody.” I think that’s really sound advice.

EY: Now back to your music. Are you working on any new material for the next album?

TAFWe’re constantly working on new stuff. It takes us a long time to put anything out because we:

a) want it to be really good

b) we have to tour a lot to make sure stuff works and

c) we’re allowed because we’re able to make the rules.

EY: What’s next for you guys?

TAFMore touring, and dreaming up the next idea for an album. We have some really cool stuff we’re hoping to get done, and right now we’re at the beginning of the creative process figuring it all out.

EY: Thank you so much for taking the time. Please leave a message for your fans.

TAF: You bet! Thanks for all your questions. We so love our fans, and wouldn’t be able to do this without them. We’re incredibly grateful that they’ve given us the ability to play music for a living by telling their friends about us. You are the best!

Find out more by visiting theautumnfilm.com

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