Bus Chronicles: Staring Disease

Hey wassup folks! Missed ya’ll. Hope everyone is doing mighty well. Matter of fact, why don’t you guys drop your twitter handles at the comment section. We want to interact with our fans on a more personal level, twitter is where it’s at! Β Nyhoo,

Your resident Ms.Ey was at the bus stop yesterday around 10.00p.m. It was a long day and I was too tired to stand at my stop, so I opted to wait at another stop. Well then, soon as I sat down this lady, the age of my mother, started to mean grill me, for reasons that were not explained to me. Basically, she was mean mugging me and my handbag. It was pretty unsettling because I wasn’t understanding where all this negative energy and vibe was coming from. In any case, she was way too grown to be on some immature shiid. So, I put her on ignore status, and waited ever so unpatiently for my bus! But here, is where it got interesting.

There was a young man sitting next to her, who was busy going through a drivers manual. I’m guessing he was reading for the written test, or else probably that was his novel of choice for the night. Whatever the case, he was none of my business, until he became part of my business. Well, after the ‘incident’ with the madam, I took it upon myself to read a very interesting street flick, that I am going to review, looking forward to that. This boy, proceeded to develop an instant case of the staring disease. Every time I would look up from my book to check on my bus, I would find him staring at me. He was not even ashamed, to misdirect his stare to my bag, shoes or anything else. He was creepy looking, and he gave me the bad chills. The ones that give you the fight or flight kind of reactions. Thankfully, the bus came along, and Jesus took over the wheel, and handled that situation for me! Hallelujah

JK and Jazz, as always enjoy comment and enthuse lool!!!!

2 thoughts on “Bus Chronicles: Staring Disease

  1. LMAOOOOO!! I’ve been away from this site for a too long…but thankfully I found my bias. Ms. EY you had me rollin’

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