Award Shows Can Be Rude

I don’t know where you were last night or if you even saw when Natasha Bedingfield‘s tribute to Disco Queen, Donna Summer, was rudely interrupted during her performance of ‘Last Dance’ on the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. Is it that Donna Summer wasn’t significant enough to hold off on commercials? I mean, the lady’s a legend and her passing has left a great loss in music. I still listen to her energetic ‘Hot Stuff‘, the passionate ‘On The Radio‘ and the ever addicting ‘Last Dance‘, so why is it that she was given such a negative treatment while someone inspired by the late singer paid a vibrant tribute to her? That’s beyond messed up.

After that unfortunate mishap, I literally stopped watching the show. I felt completely disrespected, and I’m in no way connected to the singer but through her music. It’s possible a representative of Donna’s family might have attended the event, and while they may not have known what was happening for television viewers, I’m sure they’ll hear of this BS afterwards. It’s just too outrageous to miss, and too offensive to pass. I don’t think this will fly. That’s just my opinion on the subject matter.

What do you think?

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