Some People Really Need To Get Bitch slapped!

So, the recent mishap surrounding Will Smith and a reporter had me thinking how some people COULD use a bitchslap once in a while. By some people, I mean those that fail to utilize their mannerism or try to come up at you the wrong way. Violence shouldn’t be glorified. However, often times it takes a slap to put them back in their place.

First, let me address the Smith issue before going into my own. How are you going to assume you can just hug or kiss someone because you felt like it? Like seriously, what are you doing? That’s beyond rude. I don’t care if he’s gay and thinks Will is as well, you don’t go around kissing every guy you’re attracted to.

Now, back to my situation. I’ve ranted, well not ranted per say, but I’ve gone on about the types of roomies I’ve come across several posts before. The latest, in my opinion, tops them all in terms of who takes the lunatic cake. Homeboy is on 40, make that 60. Never have I encountered such a person who lives by so much rules and regulations, not to mention he has more body products than the Kardashians combine. 

Wait. Allow me to compose my thoughts so I can start from the top. Okay, who doesn’t like the smell of food? Good, delectable food. And how insulting is it to tell someone that their food smells, and trust, he did not mean in a good way. His remarks are rather unsolicited and offensive. If this dude was born with a brain, I’m afraid he fails to use it. A walking dick is exactly what he is. I don’t want to come off as negative, being that EY is all about positivity and EMBRACING differences. However, how can one embrace an idiot like that?

Another thing that completely turned me off was the way in which he spoke to me and my homegirl. He doesn’t communicate with us but rather talks down to us. I’m guessing it’s cause we’re women, and no, I’m not blowing this out of proportion. If you lived with us and experienced this precious being the way we have then I’m sure you’ll agree with this post. Starting a sentence with ‘I’m not having it’ or ‘I’m VERY disappointed’ is in no way appropriate for conversations between adults. If you asked me, those two lines are commonly used by parents scolding their children. 

All I’m saying is such a person could possibly use a bitchslap for being insulting, stereotypical, and above all us ridiculous. Indeed, I justify slapping him upside the head should that happen. On my part, it may not, because I refuse to acknowledge his presence much less allow my hand to get in contact with any part of his body. 

That’s just my take on giving bitchslaps where necessary, and only necessary. What do you think?

One thought on “Some People Really Need To Get Bitch slapped!

  1. Good point – a woman slapping a man would have been fine. I guess because Will is a large man who can obviously defend himself, it’s seen as more violent. But anyone kissing someone who doesn’t want to be kissed is allowed to get upset over it! I think an important thing that hasn’t been bright up is that personal space for a celebrity is more than just feeling violated or harassed (which in itself is a serious issue), but it’s also a matter of safety. If most celebrities were willing to kiss all the girls who tried to kiss him, they’d get grabbed and stompled on, and probably even injured. It’s probably something that most celebrities live with on a daily basis, because they never know when a seemingly normal fan encounter could turn dangerous.

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