Book Review: ‘Fated’ by Alyson Noël

Fated (Soul Seekers, #1)

Soul Seekers Book #1

Published May 22nd 2012 by St. Martin’s Press

Rating: 5/5

Daire Santos is not your average teenager. She’s spent most of her life travelling alongside her mother, Jennika, who’s a make-up artist on movie sets. It’s nice having the opportunity to see exotic destinations, but moving constantly leaves both mother and daughter with no room for commitments; whether it be friendships or intimate relationships. And Daire has been around enough stars to not go gaga for them. She isn’t fazed by their popularity. Thus leaving a few male actors to inevitably get drawn to her genuineness. 

You’d think that’s a great life for a sixteen year old who gets to see the world. However, Daire has some issues. She’s been having horrific visions for a while now, keeping it a secret from her mother following her less than encouraging reaction the first time Daire explained it to her. Unfortunately, after an evening out roaming around Morocco with pretty boy actor Vane, Daire realizes that nothing stays a secret for too long. The teen gets hysterical, almost scarring up-and-comer Vane for life, and ends up in a hospital bed bounded and written off as psychotic. Doctors urge her mother to quickly seek help within the states once they’re back, but Daire holds firm to her belief that what she’s seeing is real. Sadly, how can anyone believe such a thing? After all, it is only Daire who sees thousands of crows, glowing people, and severed heads. 


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