Book Review: ‘The Lies We Tell For Love’ by Mz. Robinson

Love, Lies & Lust #3

Published: February 7th 2012 by G Street Chronicles

I love street lit, better known as urban fiction. Like I literally get lost in the turmoil, and usually hood aspect of it all. The Lies We Tell For Love, revolves a young couple Damon Whitmore and his beautiful curvaceous lady, Octavia Ellis-Whitmore. It delves on what both them as individuals and as separate entities would do to fortify the love they have for each other.

He is a successful entrepreneur running his own investment firm, in Atlanta with multiple offices in the West and East Coast. He is overly ambitious and won’t stop at nothing to get what he wants. This is evident with how he wifed up Octavia. She on the other hand, is a fiercely independent businesswoman running her own chain of restaurants. However, when she is home she is just mommy to their young daughter and a sexy, imma fix your plate, run your bath type of wife! She caters to her man, and he reciprocates accordingly. The sex is MIND BLOWING, ya’ll. Not to say, that’s how he reciprocates, but ya’ll get my drift.

The ties that bind these two are complex, filled with scandal, sex, lies and a whole lotta what the fuck. I swear guys, I was literally on edge, my heart was beating faster than the djembe drums and shoot, for a minute I got caught up with one of the characters, Kelly. He had me thinking thangs ya’ll. Like listen, I was seeing beds, rose petals, shiit I was just seeing a lot of boinking!! 

Mz. Robinson has successfully managed to create an interesting, almost believable tale filled with drama and lots of FOIIIIIINE menzes,as per her descriptions. It is quite the riveting tale. I gave you enough to at least google the book. I don’t believe in writing elaborate reviews, I’m kind of rough around the edges, so I just write as I would talk to you over coffee! Plus lots of animated gestures.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: ‘The Lies We Tell For Love’ by Mz. Robinson

    1. hey JK!

      it is a very interesting read. I would have finished it with one sitting, but didn’t have the time.

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