Music Review: Vicci Martinez’ ‘Come Along’ EP

Come Along (EP)

Release Date: May 1, 2012
Label: Universal Motown Records Group

So far this year has been all over the place where music is concerned. And by that I mean nothing seems to be rubbing me the right way, and if an artist does release something substantial it gets tiring after a while. Lo and behold the new release of Vicci Martinez, former contestant on NBC’s The Voice I hear. Yes, it’s true I haven’t watched that show. I know, I know. That’s shameless. Shoot me. Anyways, this isn’t about my failure to stay in loop, rather it’s my review on Vicci’s short but sweet EP, ‘Come Along‘. 

I love it! And I could just end right there but each song deserves their own individual attention. Starting with the title track.

Come Along is groovy, sexy, catchy, and in the right place. This soothes the setting before the adrenaline kicks in; a perfect start I might add. While Come Along is mellow and on the soft side, Run Run Run is loud, vibrant, and scene stealing. The beat is electric; as intense as ecstasy.  I couldn’t have asked for better.

Vicci heads to the club with I Can Love. Wow! This track sends chills down my spine. Not to mention chick’s voice is badass. If you’re looking for raw talent, pay Martinez a visit and stop sleeping on her cause this lady has the good shit.

The pace is slowed again but done beautifully. The rock infused ballad Hold Me Darlin’ stings my heart with every note. The words are tender and meaningful; passionate is hardly the word to describe this emotional track. 

In conclusion, I stress again that I absolutely love this EP. Now, if she could get an album out for my sake then Vicci would definitely seal the deal. Come Along is magnificent introduction for the what’s on its way. I’m impressed. 

Rating: 5/5


Track listing:

01. Come Along
02. Run Run Run
03. I Can Love
04. Hold Me Darlin’


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One thought on “Music Review: Vicci Martinez’ ‘Come Along’ EP

  1. She was my fav. on The Voice. I still think she should’ve won, but anyways her music sounds great and I agree with your review. She’s off the scale!

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