Blog Tour: Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me? by Carrie Nyman

This is the EY stop on Carrie Nyman‘s Blog Tour, hosted by Itching for Books. On our stop, we’ll be doing a blurb on the book, as well as an excerpt that is beyond mesmerizing. 

Why Aren't You Sweet Like Me?

Published: April 9th 2012 by Sunbury Press, Inc.

Synopsis from Goodreads

A young couple, Camille “Honey” Shaughnessy and Don Shepard fall in love on the eve of World War II. As America enters the war, and Don is pressured into the service by his father, the two newlyweds struggle to maintain contact. Don becomes a hero, saving the lives of his comrades, but will he make it home alive? Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me? is a novel based on the actual love letters exchanged between the author’s grandparents.

It is available in print and eBook formats. Please see for more information.


From Chapter 6 

Just when it seemed like I had my routine down, Ellison wrote to me, saying that she saw Don out with another girl; I didn’t want to believe her but I had to. She said that she heard rumors of a girl named Rose Marie from Kansas City that was working with Don, and it was said that he’d met her parents. Maybe it was my fault or perhaps I couldn’t deal with the distance but I knew I had to confront him. I couldn’t leave work to go to St. Louis, so I wrote and asked about his fidelity a letter (and I believe that I mentioned that if he was seeing someone else that we should just call it like it is and finish off the relationship, though I cringed when I thought of that prospect). My letter questioned his resolve and his initial response was furious. On the outside of letter was written: 

Why aren’t you sweet like me?

On the inside, he wrote me this:


When Hitler and Stalin want to start chiseling away at their potential enemies, they start accusing them of all sorts of illegal practices. You may be down in Texas, but you have mastered that trick. I’m ashamed of you.

Are you seeing someone else? Is that why you have resorted to this? When you accuse me of dating other girls, it makes me wonder if you haven’t got a guilty conscience.  Don’t blame this on Ellie. You must not know me at all if you would accuse me of cheating.

Honey, you know I damn near die every time you leave. I’m sorry. I’ll take any kind of punishment to get to see you. I need to see you. I didn’t go to K.C. with Rose Marie. I’ve just been thinking about you, only you’re too darn mule-headed to see that’s so— Damn you make me so mad when you say I don’t care for you, it burns me up. You have to be seeing someone else, that’s the only way you could try to end it. That’s all right with me, go with him— I’m just a jealous fool and you’re smart girl that knows how to take care of herself. I don’t even kiss a girl and I get hell for it. I hope your conscience is clear.

I’ve asked you to see me, but you always say you have work.

I’m crazy about you. You treat me like a damn dog. You say you can’t see why you’re true to me. By God, if you don’t think it’s worthwhile then, dammit, don’t be true to me. Run around with anybody you damn please! You’re just jealous, too damn much like an Arkansas mule to confess it.

I don’t want to fight. I want to make this work but you’re so damn changeable, I live in constant fear you’ll try to end the affair. Please be appreciative of the efforts I make for us. Please be true to me. You’ve gotten so important in my scheme of things. I’ve got to have you. Honey, we’re doing wrong if we don’t end up together. Everyone was meant to have a single person that they would love more than anyone else and so few people get that, let’s us try a little harder or we’re going to lose it. Like I’ve told hundreds of people, love is the big thing. That’s the only thing that counts in this world. When I look back on my life I want to be happy with the choices I’ve made and who I’ve spent it with.

Please come back to me. I know I’m leaving soon but please come back to St. Louis, even if it means getting a job that isn’t what you wanted. Please quit fussing over this. There is nothing to be mad at me about. Though now, I am afraid that you’ll want to see someone else and I’ll lose you.


P.S. Have you kissed another man yet, chiseler? I’ve been good. Ask any one of my friends. Don’t be so suspicious of me. Let’s not fight like this. I love you.

And that was it. I didn’t believe him. I knew that Ellie wouldn’t lie to me and I was convinced that I would just end up getting hurt by him again. Even his letter was selfish and convoluted and wavering.

Credit: Carrie Nyman
Sunbury Press

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  1. Thank you for hosting this stop on my blog tour! Your support means a lot. My novel is free to download on Kindle this week (ends Friday!) but it’s enjoyed a very warm response (staying in the top 10 free downloads since Monday evening).

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