Following your dream

I’m in the process of finally realizing a longtime dream, of which I won’t go into detail until it comes to fruition. I’m African, and I believe in juju, very superstitious if you will. I don’t know whether my reader base is aware, but Benin is the cradle of vodoo in Africa, as Haiti is for the Caribbean. Why am I telling you this? Sharing is caring, and the more knowledge you acquire in this journey called life, the better off you will be.  Ehe….(said in a thick African accent of your country’s choice). Continue reading “Following your dream”

Book Review: Dear Drama by Braya Spice

Paperback, 288 pages Purchase: Amazon | IndieBound | eBook Rating: 5/5 Published: April 1st 2012 Kensington Publishing Corp. *Copy provided by author. Synopsis: Have you ever had a friend who just seems to attract trouble, no matter what she does? That’s Allure. Just 21, she barely made it out alive from an abusive relationship with her psycho baby daddy, Greg. Poor girl just wants to be loved, … Continue reading Book Review: Dear Drama by Braya Spice

Usher Wants To ‘See’

Can someone please tell me how this video manage to get release without me knowing? This is one of the hottest tracks on “Looking 4 Myself” and I’m thrilled it’s a single. The video’s steamy; I like the concept with the tattoos evolving on their skins. Usher looks sexy as always, and Rick Ross is…well, he’s still Rick Ross. Check out the music video for … Continue reading Usher Wants To ‘See’

Thousands Walk To Raise Suicide Awareness

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Annual Out of the Darkness overnight walk drew nearly 2,000 participants on June 9th in San Francisco. The event included survivors of suicide loss, those with depression and other mental illnesses, as well as suicide prevention advocates. The 2012 Overnight has raised $2.3 million.  I’m posting this because I haven’t really seen any other focuses on the even and … Continue reading Thousands Walk To Raise Suicide Awareness

Why have kids if you’re going to treat them like this?

I saw a news today that sadly wasn’t surprising. It was more of a reminder that parents can be just as vicious as criminals lurking around. Take this case  about a Kansas City woman, I’ll refrain from calling her ‘mother’ cause she obviously does not exemplify the behavior of a good mother, who apparently locked her 10 year old in the closet for two days. Lord have mercy. What got me even more riled up is the fact that this little girl weighed only 32 pounds. Can you believe that? Reports say she gained only 6 pounds since she was 4 or 5 years old. Now, what would you do to a “mother” like that? See the video: Continue reading “Why have kids if you’re going to treat them like this?”

It’s time to be “Brave”

Disney’s Pixar animated “Brave” took over the weekend box office with a $66.7 million debut. That’s a lot of dough. This marks the 13th no.1 opening for Pixar, and the second major box-office score for Disney with a film from an in-house studio partner. “Brave” posted the second-best June opening for an animated film ever, behind only 2010’s “Toy Story  3,” which bowed to $103 million … Continue reading It’s time to be “Brave”

Taken 2, is that a good idea?

Liam Neeson will reprise his role as a former CIA agent with deadly skills stopping at nothing to keep his family safe. In the first release, he set out to retrieve his daughter from kidnappers who obviously had no idea who they were messing with, in the sequel, a group of idiots will set out to take revenge for the men Liam killed in the previous. 

The plot is predictable but the action is just as hardcore as seen in part one. Was it a good idea to release a second, as long as its as good as the trailer, which I’m guessing it is, then this sequel is right up my alley. 

Check it out and tell us what you think: Continue reading “Taken 2, is that a good idea?”

Originally posted on World Lit Up:
An alcoholic jots down stories about his favorite bar, the joint’s patrons and his own muddled life. Country Focus: Republic of the Congo Broken Glass By Alain Mabanckou Translated by Helen Stevenson Originally published as Verre cassé by Éditions du Seuil, 2010. My edition: Soft Skull, 2010. 165 pgs. Genre: Fiction Time period: Contemporary World Lit Up Rating: (On… Continue reading

Music Review: After School’s “Flashback”

Release date: June 22, 2012

Label: Loen Entertainment/Pledis

Purchase: Kpopmart | Kpoptown | Yesasia

*Your purchase from any of the above counts toward the Hanteo Chart.

My thoughts: Is it me or has After School’s singing gotten even more sensual? I guess it’s a clear depiction of how much the ladies have evolved in music. Flashback is creative, fun, exciting, well organized, and demonstrates brilliant production efforts. There are no fillers or musically incorrect additions; each track has the potential to stand on its own and appeal to not only pop and dance fans, but to lovers of ballads and r&b.  Continue reading “Music Review: After School’s “Flashback””

Chiddy Bang MIND YOUR MANNERS EP Exclusively Available on the iTunes Store

Chiddy Bang MIND YOUR MANNERS EP Exclusively Available on the iTunes Store; Includes “Mind Your Manners” Official Remix Featuring Travie McCoy.  Hip Hop Duo Continue to Heat Up The Summer on West Coast Tour With FUN.  “They’ve made the most exciting debut of 2012 so far. Breakfast is such an original album, it’s coined a new term for swag: Call it swelly.” – Entertainment Weekly “…brims with infectious … Continue reading Chiddy Bang MIND YOUR MANNERS EP Exclusively Available on the iTunes Store

Nana “Just Wants To Love You”

If you still haven’t listened to After School‘s latest EP, then you’re out of the loop completely. It’s hot. And as much as I love each of the five songs, there’s something about Nana’s solo that keeps me going back. “Eyeline” is a dance, electropop song with a single arabian string that intensifies the sensuality of the melody. This song is flawless; it matches perfectly well with Nana’s sultriness. Check it out: Continue reading “Nana “Just Wants To Love You””

A lot of “Ages,” Didn’t Really “Rock”

I know, my lame headlines are probably getting old but I still can’t help it. So, on to my topic at hand. “Rock of Ages.” What the hell was that? I’ve never been so disappointed about spending my time watching a movie before. I held out to about a good 50 minutes in the film then caved in. I just couldn’t watch any further. Worst … Continue reading A lot of “Ages,” Didn’t Really “Rock”

[Exclusive] Re-introducing “Vicci”

Continuing with the Vicci Martinez takeover, here’s our exclusive interview with the rising star, actually squash that. Vicci’s already there.  This is a performer like no other. An artist with natural born talent. Vicci Martinez is reintroducing herself to music lovers worldwide as not a former contestant on The Voice, but an entertainer destined for global domination.  Purchase her new album now: Amazon | iTunes And … Continue reading [Exclusive] Re-introducing “Vicci”