Did You Hear?

Kahi will be “graduating” from her badass Kpop group After School. According to Pledis Entertainment, her label and management, as well as a ton of news outlet in South Korea, Kahi will be leaving the group to work on her solo career as well as her acting. Now, I don’t want to offend anyone but isn’t the reason why After School was so hot to begin with due to the presence of Kahi. I mean, she puts the fierceness in the group. And no one can pull dance moves off like she does. It’s definitely going to be hard to continue following After School now that Kahi’s leaving, but I’m sure true PLAYGIRLZ won’t waver their support. As for Kahi, I’ve always been a fan since her days as a Β dancer & choreographer, and will continue to ride with her to the end. After all, she is and will always be ‘The Queen of Dance’. I just love her versatility, don’t you?Β 

Since the group’s formation the company did state that there would be a graduation system in place where members were free to leave as they choose to, but I’ve always considered this as a sugarcoated excuse for firing the members who don’t bank much for them. Well, just as they have the graduation system there’s also the admission part, where members were added. However, most of the time, the members being added don’t have that much talent in terms of music, but they are pretty. So, I guess that’s their talent, to look pretty? Regardless, Kahi has been there since the beginning and while her part in the group is just beyond significant, the lady is getting older and seeking different things. I’d love to see her not do the cutey cutey thing because I feel she’s not being herself. So in turn, I believe that pursuing a solo career is best at this point in time, besides I loved her debut mini album “Come Back You Bad Person.”Β 

Anyways, that’s just my reaction to that news. What do you think about this graduation system and Kahi’s departure? Can the group carry on without her?

One thought on “Did You Hear?

  1. You seem to love this lady I always see her on the site..in that case, i wish her the best with her solo career and hope she stays in the biz to make fans like you happy

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