For Thought: When Is It Ever Okay To Use The ‘N’ Word?

Never. Why are we still using that word to begin with? I don’t care who you are, black, white, red or purple, can we just stop throwing the ‘ni**as’ word around already. Geez! 

I’m not ranting, just addressing an issue that’s been a long time coming, upon glimpsing news about Gwyneth Paltrow calling her friends, Beyonce & Jay-Z, the same controversial word. I guess Mrs. Chris Martin felt that since she was now BFF with Bey & Jay that she was in the clear to use such terminology. Umm…not exactly mam. 

Let’s get off topic a bit, when and how exactly did Gwyneth Paltrow become friends with Beyonce & Jay-Z? That one flew right over my head. I’ve always seen her as “unfriendly” and blahh to be around, but then again that’s just the vibe that caught my attention whenever I saw her, on camera that is. And to be honest, I don’t find her acting…believable. But that’s another post all on it’s own. Now, back to the topic at hand. 

Is it a big deal that Gwyn used the ‘N’ word in reference to her African American friends? I’m afraid it is. Some have even called her tweet “wreckless” and maybe she’s “getting a little too comfortable”, which is absolutely what I think it is. Don’t you? 

What are your thoughts on this issue? Big deal or not?

One thought on “For Thought: When Is It Ever Okay To Use The ‘N’ Word?

  1. I agree! It’s never okay to to use the word. And i’m confused about their friendship too lol when did that happen? Gwyneth seems so dull and boring to me, and her acting is always the same in any role she tries to take on.

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