Blind Man Beats Girlfriend To Death, Mistakenly?

While catching up on some island news a very terrifying case caught my attention. According to the Jamaica Star news site, a blind man had allegedly beaten his girlfriend to death. Shocking indeed. The man gave his statement in court on why he committed such a dreadful act. Apparently he ‘overreacted’ to what felt like a piece of board being pushed against his side, thinking it was a knife he immediately went in search of a piece of metal. As a result, his girlfriend was beaten to death.

This is just chilling. I can understand how on edge people are these days, but if someone had a knife at your side would that person allow you to search for a weapon to attack them with? The story just seems weird, and I can see why this man will undergo psychiatric evaluation, because this all seems too crazy to believe. 

What do you think?


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1 Comment on Blind Man Beats Girlfriend To Death, Mistakenly?

  1. Jesus! How is that possible? Well, you know they say when you lose one sense the others heightened so…but I can’t see how he’d think it was someone trying to kill him when he was free to search about for a weapon to defend himself and didn’t she scream for him to stop while he was beating her? Something’s strange about this one…

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