’10’ Things About In My Coma

We couldn’t stop at just an interview. Of course we had to get Jasper to answer our traditional ’10’ quickies as well. 

Check out his short but interesting responses below and be sure to leave your thoughts afterwards:

1. What’s your one-line positive thinking mantra?

Together, we’ll move onwards and upwards.

2. Describe your personality?

Jasper – Protective

LauraDoll – Heartfelt

Mike – Determined  

3. What practices have you adopted that have led to a healthier lifestyle?

We have a great time at shows and we like to have fun, but we’re not heavy drinkers and we eat healthy. There’s nothing wrong with being a musician and leading a healthy lifestyle. We all hit the gym regularly and watch our calories. As a singer, it’s unbelievably important to be healthy unless you’re aiming for a short term career.

4. The world is going green, have you embraced it?

I won’t speak for anyone else, but I know that I make efforts to do little things to help the environment. I don’t use plastic bags. I compost. I recycle. And I even yell at people that I see littering. That’s one of my biggest pet-peeves. If I see somebody throw garbage on the ground, it’s like The Hulk has just been summoned. I know LauraDoll and Mike are similar in that way as well.

5. What are the three things you can’t do without?

Alright, the first three things that come to mind are music, love, and freedom.

6. Describe your fashion style?

I guess I have a little bit of the English sophistication in me which must have been passed down from my mum. I’m not pompous or anything like that, but I do don the three piece suit every once and a while at shows. Other than that, I’m definitely a rocker and you shouldn’t be surprised to see me sporting a Soundgarden shirt and jeans.

7. How do you unwind after a long week?

I don’t drink a lot, but a nice cold beer can be fantastic. On a summer day, a beer and my acoustic guitar is all I need to relax.

8. What empowers you?

My band-mates empower me. There isn’t a lazy bone in their bodies. I look up to them because they’re in it for the long haul and have made so many sacrifices to be on this path with me. I’m proud to be in this band with them.   

9. What is your favorite cuisine?

I’m a sucker for cereals. I love Honey-Nut Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, Shreddies, you name it. I’m a little odd too because I like my cereal to be a little bit soggy. I’m not a fan of crunchy cereal. The sugary cereals aren’t too good for you so I don’t have them too often, but when I do, I enjoy every bite. If I got the death penalty for a crime and I was offered a last meal, I would probably get a New York strip-loin with a side of mashed potatoes and a side of Frosted Flakes.

10. Aside from music, how do you creatively express yourself?

I love playing soccer. It’s a creative sport too and it’s great to be out on a field, darting back and forth and working as a single unit of a greater whole. The same principals can be applied to the band as well. I also love to cook, which a lot of people find odd, but I am quite the explorative chef.

~Jasper James

In My Coma





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