[Exclusive] Re-introducing “Vicci”

Continuing with the Vicci Martinez takeover, here’s our exclusive interview with the rising star, actually squash that. Vicci’s already there. 
This is a performer like no other. An artist with natural born talent. Vicci Martinez is reintroducing herself to music lovers worldwide as not a former contestant on The Voice, but an entertainer destined for global domination. 
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And if you dare to discover greatness, then keep going for more:
EY: What was it like growing up in Tacoma, Washington, and when did you realize that you wanted to pursue music?

   VM: Tacoma was a great place to grow up. It’s a big city with a small town vibe. Very easy to stay grounded here. I realized I wanted to play music around 6. I played violin on accident. My parents got lessons for my older sister, but when she refused to cut her nails, they turned the lessons over to me. That’s how it allll began!

EY: I’ve read that you won the regional tryouts for the first season of American Idol but declined to go further in the competition. What was your reason for not moving on?

 VM: I was 16. I had just started writing my own music, and I was still figuring myself out. Not only was the contract very binding, I knew i had to hone in on my craft more and I didn’t want to misrepresent myself on TV. I’m not saying the contract was bad for the other people on the show, but for somebody who still needed to figure out who they were, it was. I needed to grow up.

EY: So, describe your style of music and what sets you apart from the rest.

   VM: I’ve always played music because I love it…but most importantly to spread a message. I’ve always been told I have strong vocals and because of that I want the things I have to say or sing, to mean something. I want to grab people’s attention and inspire them to stop, be present, ask themselves, “am I living my truth?” Am I doing what makes me happy?” “Do I love who I am and who I have become to this world?” I know that’s a lot to say in a show or a song, but that’s what I write about. That’s what my show’s about, and my life is music so my “show” is going on ALL the time. I’ve played ALL styles of music, but I always like a good groove, a good melody, and a good message. 

EY: Who are some of your biggest influences, in music or otherwise?

   VM: Michael Jackson, The Bee Gees, The Beatles, Paul Simon, Dave Matthews Band, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Martin Luther King Jr., Ekhart Toole…many more.

EY: You’ve released several recordings prior to The Voice. How has your music evolved since you started till now?

   VM: My life and consciousness have evolved, and I feel the same about my music. What I did in the past was perfect for then, and what I’m doing now is perfect now. A few years ago I did some instrumental music for a ballet. I feel that was a huge shift in my life…and it was, personally and artistically. Funny how that works. But that got me ready for my new album and the way that was recorded. More production, more layers, more toys, ahhhh i feel like a mad scientist with a crazy grin!! I love it! 

EY: Tell us about your upcoming album. What can listeners expect to hear on Vicci?

  VM: Get ready for a RIDE! I’m so happy about this album. It’s my life…it really is my life from June 2011 to right now! Break ups, make ups, moving to LA, ME! and all of that with a good groove, a good melody, and a good message. 🙂 

EY: How involved were you in the creation of this album?

   VM: VERY!  I wrote on all songs except one. “Come Along” I kind of begged Peter Svensson while writing with him in Sweden if I could cover his song. I loved the message, and yea I could have taken the idea and ran with it…but why? Here it was, a SICK guitar lick, a great groove, and a great message. “TIME FLIES, MAKE A STATEMENT, TAKE A STAND!”  It was so great working with amazing writers and producers, Max Martin, Peter Svensson, The Matrix, Tim Pagnotta, Jason Nevins, and Kristian Lundin. I know it sounds like a lot, that maybe the stories could get lost…but Nope. They Got me…and I got them. and then we made beautiful babies together 🙂 

EY:You’ve often been praised for your live performances, including Billboard stating:
“she gives every song a mature delivery and she appears comfortable in whatever skin she has chosen to adopt on a given night”. 
What motivates you to put on such good shows?

   VM: I love it. I’m so passionate about it, and most importantly I’m so grateful to have the opportunity and so I don’t want to waste it. Like I said earlier..I’m doing this to spread a message, so I need to grab your attention and make you listen. 

EY: How do you feel about receiving so much positive feedback in regards to your artistry?
   VM: Grateful that people can see it. It’s easy to get lost in any career you are in…to do it for the money or to be better than others…that’s not gonna make you a happy person, and you know it. To be able to go to sleep at night and believe that you gave it your all, you did your best, and you did whatever you could to make this world a better place…you smiled, you laughed and you loved, that’s what matters. 


EY: You’re a songwriter as well. What inspires your lyrics?

    VM: My mood. I usually write music first, and whatever that makes me feel is what I write about. 

EY: Do you think artists who write their own songs have a better chance at connecting with listeners?

   VM: Hmmm, I think they may feel like they do, it’s definitely a vulnerable place to be, especially if you just wrote a really sad song and play it that night at a show…somebody’s gonna cry! and that’s always a great moment. 

But a good song is a good song…no matter who sings it, and that’s something I really got to learn on The Voice. Ceelo knew we all wanted to be singing our own music…and that’s what he said…a good song is a good song, now just sing the hell out of it!
EY: Aside from the new album, what’s next for you?

   VM: I wanna play!! I love being on stage, performing! It’s so funny, until I did this album you couldn’t pay me to like being in a studio (well you didn’t, I was paying for it..haha) but yea, i much more enjoy being on stage. It was great working on this album though because I have a new love for writing with other people, and learning from some amazing writers/producers. I want to do more of it…not just for my projects, but I would love to be involved in more writing sessions for other artists and myself in the future.

EY: Thanks so much for taking the time. Please leave a message for your fans, and any tips to aspiring musicians.

   VM: Find what makes you happy…what makes you feel like you are contributing love and light to this world, now go do it!!!

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