The Wait Is Over

After all the teasing, AS has finally unveiled the music video for their long awaited new single “Flashback.” I don’t know about you but I love the track and choreography. As always, After School is fierce. Check it out and tell us what you think:


More than what you could ever imagine, Afterschool is back once again.

The title song “Flashback” contains powerful electronic sounds harmonized with Afterschool’s charisma. The lyrics sing of the longing for when one was in love and also contain a double meaning as Afterschool seeks to return to its early stages most wanted and liked by fans. “Flashbook” offers a spectacle that one cannot miss out on, with refined electronic sounds by the composer TEXU and the choreography by Kyle Hanagami that suits Afterschool’s style.Β 

Afterschool is making their comeback following a one-year break! News of their comeback will no doubt bring about much sensation in not just fans in Korea but also all around Asia, including Japan.Β 

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