A lot of “Ages,” Didn’t Really “Rock”

I know, my lame headlines are probably getting old but I still can’t help it. So, on to my topic at hand. “Rock of Ages.” What the hell was that? I’ve never been so disappointed about spending my time watching a movie before. I held out to about a good 50 minutes in the film then caved in. I just couldn’t watch any further. Worst 50 minutes of my life.

What didn’t I like? Everything. Well, except for Diego Boneta’s sexy presence, but sadly not even that sweet fact couldn’t make the movie any better. I just didn’t and couldn’t enjoy it at all.Β 

The acting was off if not too much. Tom seemed as if he was trying too hard to be rock instead of just letting it take over naturally. And I’m still not convinced Julianne Hough is a wonderful actress, or maybe I’m being too hard on her? Whatever the case, the movie sucked and there’s no need for it to be two hours long. That’s just me though, who knows maybe you’ll like it.

What do you think about the movie?

One thought on “A lot of “Ages,” Didn’t Really “Rock”

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