Natural Hair Politicking and BSing


Your girl, EY is a natural haired sista who embraces and loves her kinks to the max!  From time to time, I come across challenging hurdles akin to being in a desert and seeing mirages and running towards the object of my affection only to sadly note, it is a hoax! No water. It is quite the struggle, ya’ll!

See, a black girl’s hair has it’s own personality separate from its owner. There are countless blogs out there that help me with my struggle. Currently, my hair is in sexy mini-twists that drink up a lot of water-due to the heat, and just the utter fact that my hair is drier than Gucci Mane’s cracked lips which are in need of Vaseline or permanent moisturizer-oh the wonders of plastic surgery! Why, am I telling ya’ll this?! Because, (1.)I can, (2.)do I have witnesses in here who can relate? Are any of our readers natural? If so, share with us, the good, the bad, the ugly! I want to connect with ya’ll and share ideas of maintaining and taking care of hair!

Shout out to my girls, JK and Jazz! I haven’t forgotten ya’ll!

4 thoughts on “Natural Hair Politicking and BSing

    1. OOwwwii fah real?! What products do you use to keep your hair all the way moisturized in this summer heat?

      1. I actually twist my hair a lot. My girl, who does my hair, uses this leave-in conditioner from carol’s daughter. it moisturizes my hair but it doesn’t make it sweaty and dry out afterwards. it’s really good. it’s called black vanilla. u should try it sometime.

      2. Girl, I didn’t know you were a sista!loool Wooohoo!!

        Oh nice! I have that problem of using certain leave ins and they moisturize for a hot New York minute, and the next, my hair is tougher than Nigerian hair-according to Lil Wayne!! Currently using one that is I think working. Will do a follow up post, one of these good days!

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