Music Review: After School’s “Flashback”

Release date: June 22, 2012

Label: Loen Entertainment/Pledis

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My thoughts: Is it me or has After School’s singing gotten even more sensual? I guess it’s a clear depiction of how much the ladies have evolved in music. Flashback is creative, fun, exciting, well organized, and demonstrates brilliant production efforts. There are no fillers or musically incorrect additions; each track has the potential to stand on its own and appeal to not only pop and dance fans, but to lovers of ballads and r&b. 

I’ve gloated so much over this EP that I’m considered obsessed by friends. But that won’t prevent me from doing a review and praising the group’s efforts even more.

Did you acquire a copy of After School’s first Jpop album, Playgirlz? If so, then you’d be familiar with the track Rip Off. The ladies have included the Korean version on the EP and its just as badass as the Japanese edition. The beat’s still in tact, the singing is still fierce and confident, and of course, the energy is still very much alive. This track is the perfect opener on both releases, and I have no problem whatsoever with its position in on Flashback

Speaking of Flashback, the title track is hot. I hear a lot of people saying how the chorus sounds vocally annoying or how it needs Kahi‘s touch, but let me just say that the ladies did an awesome job on this one. Bias aside. Flashback is as trendy as modern pop gets. The beat is highly influenced by dubstep and electro, with dance being at its core. And that breakdown? Whoa! That’s the winner right there. Not to mention the music video is tentatively done. That choreography is flawless.

Pause. Take it all in. Now, let’s continue.

Nana, where have you been hiding that? Her solo track, Eyeline, is timeless. I find myself listening to this one more than the others, not that each song isn’t great, but like I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, there’s something about Eyeline. The song’s about being completely in love with a bad guy, and her willingness to lose her innocence for him in order to have his love. Like the words, the song itself gives off a feeling of surrender. 

Don’t you agree? You don’t have to understand the language to feel it within your soul.

The final two songs are breathtaking in their own way. Wristwatch, the pop ballad, is about reflecting on a person from her childhood, some kind of young love. The watch in question was given by a little boy and immediately her memories start coming back to her. She wonders where he is now, and whether or not he’d still remember her. She misses this little boy dearly and evidently hopes to find him again. The piano melody is absolutely beautiful, accompanied by some seriously soulful singing. Their voices have matured a great deal and you can hear that reflected in every inch. Wristwatch is emotional and mesmerizing. I almost go teary eyed, hoping that this story ends happily. 

Timeless, a duet performed by JungAh & Raina, is an r&b influenced track that’s bound to gain some positive feedback by itself. Its mellow, mid-tempo music smoothly over your stereo. The harmonies are well-coordinated and passionately recorded. These two ladies took their time in delivering a top quality song for their listeners. Timeless tells the story of a love in pain. The guy is always lingering by her side but she fails to see his heart. She finally understood when he left, and like the saying goes, you never know what you’ve got till its gone. This is about timeless love staring you in the face, open up your heart and let it in. 

Can you feel it?

Flashback was just mind blowing for me. After School gets better and better with every release and I love how dedicated these ladies are to their craft. This EP is a pure representation of the work ethic they possess and how much they love what they do. I believe the appropriate word for this is passion, and AS is truly passionate about making music people will love.

To those questioning After School’s existence without Kahi, the charts don’t lie. This group is individually talented. I rest my case.

Rating: 5/5


Track listing:

01. Rip Off (Korean version)

02. Flashback

03. Eyeline (performed by Nana)

04. Wristwatch

05. Timeless (performed by JungAh + Raina)


Credits: + babystep12345

4 thoughts on “Music Review: After School’s “Flashback”

  1. I dont understand a word but the beat is hot and the dancing is off tha hook. very talented ladies. that love song, timeless, it could be a beautiful english r&b song..i hope they consider that.

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