Why have kids if you’re going to treat them like this?

I saw a news today that sadly wasn’t surprising. It was more of a reminder that parents can be just as vicious as criminals lurking around. Take this case  about a Kansas City woman, I’ll refrain from calling her ‘mother’ cause she obviously does not exemplify the behavior of a good mother, who apparently locked her 10 year old in the closet for two days. Lord have mercy. What got me even more riled up is the fact that this little girl weighed only 32 pounds. Can you believe that? Reports say she gained only 6 pounds since she was 4 or 5 years old. Now, what would you do to a “mother” like that? See the video:

So, I guess what happened was police responded to a call from a person who’s remained anonymous explaining to them that the little girl was restrained in a closet and wasn’t allowed to eat or use the restroom. I don’t want to get graphic but let me just come out and say it, can you imagine shitting in the same place, not once, not twice, but several times and then remain in it? That’s beyond messed up.

What’s even more weird is that when Missouri Childrens Division workers told two people outside the apartment on Friday morning that there were in fact three children living there, the neighbors said they had never seen the third child, and mind you they’ve lived there for “several years.” 

Officers learned the mother, Jacole Prince, 29, was out with her two younger children, but maintenance let law enforcement inside, according to the probable cause statement.

The second floor smelled strongly of urine, and when officers noticed a crib pushed against a closet door that was tied off with rope, they asked, “Is anyone in here?”

A child’s voice answered, “Yes.”

The girl was found standing in the closet, according to the statement. She told officers “the closet was her room,” and she couldn’t go to breakfast with her mother and sisters because she “messes herself.” She also sleeps there, she said.

At the hospital, the child told detectives she had not been let out of the closet for two days, and she does not eat every day. She said her mother gets mad and “punches her on the back” because she “keeps peeing on herself.” 

That night, police arrested the girl’s mother and her boyfriend. The mother allegedly admitted to locking her child up in part because she knows she would get in trouble if anyone saw how malnourished the girl had become, according to the statement.

Her boyfriend denied knowing the mother ever locked the 10-year-old in a closet, which I consider to be a lie. Unless she kept her third child from him without him ever noticing and that’s just highly unlikely. He must’ve known somehow. 

The girl’s mother was charged with assault in the first degree, child abuse, and endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree, according to the criminal complaint. All three charges are felonies. 

SMH. How do you speak on such cruelty inflicted on not only a human being but your own flesh and blood. She’s her child, she gave birth to her. I can’t for the love of God see how any mother could do such a thing. It just leaves me speechless.

What do you think?

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/police-rescue-malnourished-girl-closet-kansas-city-161117342–abc-news-topstories

One thought on “Why have kids if you’re going to treat them like this?

  1. Jesus! when i see things like that i’m even more appreciative of my parents and all the love they have for me. this woman should be thrown in prison, better yet, she should receive the same kind of punishment she inflicted on her child. she’s just evil. that poor child deserves to be loved.

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