Following your dream

I’m in the process of finally realizing a longtime dream, of which I won’t go into detail until it comes to fruition. I’m African, and I believe in juju, very superstitious if you will. I don’t know whether my reader base is aware, but Benin is the cradle of vodoo in Africa, as Haiti is for the Caribbean. Why am I telling you this? Sharing is caring, and the more knowledge you acquire in this journey called life, the better off you will be.  Ehe….(said in a thick African accent of your country’s choice).

Now, my dream involves taking a huge risk. I’m not guaranteed of instant success, but rather what I’m looking at is a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Basically, I’ll be stepping out in faith in the next coming months. In the midst of planning and brainstorming, I’ve been pacing myself through reading inspirational stories on various blogs, as well as the Bible.

Now the latter, hehehehehehehe!!! I am not the most religious/spiritual of persons. Oh wait! I do know John 3:16, by heart so that should count for something. From time to time, I do take comfort in Bible verses, especially those found in Songs of Solomon. They are sexual in nature, but who cares?! Right! Ehe. So, tonight in a bid to rejuvinate my spirit and continue to encourage myself in the Lord with my impending realization of dream, I opened I think the book of Jeremiah, can’t quite remember. All I know is that I promptly shut that Bible and looked heavenwards, in a state of fah real?! The verse alluded to someone’s daughters burning in hell, and here I was looking to be told that I will reach the promised land of wealth  unscathed. The hell part was not in alignment with my dreams so I had to put the Bible aside.

Did ya’ll peep my reaction to that Bible verse?! I shut it, albeit in a respectful manner. When you are in pursuit of a dream, you do not need any form of distraction that will make you re-think unfollowing your dream. All this is said tongue in cheek, so religious Nazi’s save the lecture for another day. On a serious note though, following your dream requires a lot of will and determination. The following is a list I’ve compiled that has tremendously helped me in my pursuits, and I hope, if you too are in the same boat as I find it helpful. 

  • Not everybody needs to know your dreams.

This goes hand in hand with, not everybody will be a cheerleader in your life. Use discernment in deciding who you tell about you dreams.

  • Surround yourself with like minded folks

These are people who are constantly motivating you to be the best you can be! They too, are on the path of achieving their goals. They stay hungry and are not content with mediocrity.

  • Find a mentor

This is important for when the going gets tough and you are ready to call it quits. This person should serve as inspiration. Hell, if they made it despite the many challenges you too can do the same. By the way, this person can actually be a group of people, virtual and or real life! For example on many an occasion, the late Prof. Wangari Maathai has served as my inspiration! I do not know her from Adam or Eve, but she is one woman that I truly admired, and still do!

  • Work incrementally

I only learnt of this, a week ago. For a long time, I had been pursuing my dream in a mass market scale, rather than a niche market manner. By this I mean, I have a dream so large that it can only be truly accomplished by breaking it up into small, individual pieces. For instance, you dream of becoming an entrepreneur. That in and of itself is a huge dream undertaking. Unless, you are Warrren Buffet’s grand daughter realizing that dream is next to impossible if not planned incrementally. It would behoove  you to first decide what line of business it is you want to pursue, secondly conduct research on the market opportunities, thirdly write a business plan, and so on and so forth. This way, you are not overwhelmed by your goal.

  • Believe in yourself

Speak your dream into existence by believing in yourself. Look at this way, if you don’t believe in yourself who else do you expect to believe in you. No matter how ridiculous your dream is, for instance you have an MBA in Finance and your dream has always been to join Cirque de Soleil, well guess what?! You do not owe anybody an explanation but yourself for  leaving your cushy 9 to 5 jWall Street job in pursuit of your theatrical dreams.

That’s my list for now. Do you guys have any you would like to share?

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