Fashion Fuck Ups: BET RED CARPET

Breathtaking!! Yes LIRRRRRRRRRA!!!
Blazing the red carpet with her hot number!!! THIS i LOVE!

Lawwwwwwwwd hammmmmmmmmmercy! Did ya’ll watch the BET Awards?! Alright! If you didn’t I’ll do this year’s fashion recap. Kai, always does a fabulous job of letting ya’ll know what’s hot. Well then, I am here to tell you what’s hot not! Without further ado, shall we proceed to the red carpet!

there is a cheetah situated somewhere in the safariscape of Kenya crying that these prints are not on her back! uh uh. No ma’m!!! As separate pieces, yes, together it causes a migraine, severe one at that!
Yo?! What in the imported Indian hair is going on, ya’ll?! iCan’t! Leave the “I’m going to be different” memo to Eryka Badu, she does a better job. Trying too damn hard!
See the EBT awards have even REGAL ladies like Regina slippin! uh uh!!!
This look is tired. Her figure is banging but I would have liked to see my Afrikan sista in something else!
His chest is smoother than a baby’s butt!! I know it’s 100degrees but gotdamn?! A silk shirt with holes around would have sufficed no?!

I found this looks courtesy of them.

One thought on “Fashion Fuck Ups: BET RED CARPET

  1. You missed one: Nicki Minaj. But damn, these entertainers need to fire their stylists, how dare they lie to them like this and let them think these outfits look banging. Miguel, Miguel, will you please just come out of the closet already boo?

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